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How To Create Luxurious Office Spaces

December 11, 2020

The atmosphere of an office makes all the difference to productivity. When creating offices, it’s crucial to make them as comfortable and luxurious as possible. After all, people will be using the space for over 40 hours a week!

Whether you’re redecorating a space or renovating a whole building, here are some ways you can create luxurious offices.

Let The Layout Guide You

Sometimes, the most interesting ideas come from restrictions. Rather than going into a building with a set plan in mind, let the layout guide your ideas. You might find that you come up with ideas you’d never previously thought of. For example, you might find ample space for a balcony where you’d never thought of putting one in before. Fresh air is great for office workers! Get your creative brain on and allow the surrounding space to create innovative designs.

Invest In Great Insulation

Nobody wants to be cold at work, and having the heating on all the time quickly becomes costly, so it’s essential to think about insulation in the early stages. The better it is, the higher the worth of the space. Whatever material you use, make sure it’s used throughout and is the highest quality.

Focus On Lighting

Lighting makes a huge impact on the atmosphere of a space, so you must get it right. Nobody wants to work in a place with only one kind of light shining down on them; a variety of light can create an ambiance worthy of a work setting. 299 Lighting has specialists to create the perfect design for your office building, so your space can become optimally and professionally lit.

Choose High-Quality Furniture

If you are filling the offices with furniture, it’s a wise idea to choose quality over price. While you might get a better deal on lower-quality products, they won’t last as long and will bring down the value of the office.

When people are at a desk for eight hours a day, they need to be comfortable. By providing high-quality furniture, you ensure that all workers can get on with their workday without interruption. You cannot call an office luxurious if the office chairs are sub-par, after all!

Have Spacious Areas

While some areas benefit from being small and closed-off, space can really brighten up an office. Open-plan spaces look fantastic and allow more light to bounce around the room. With the lack of barriers, office workers can collaborate and communicate easier, allowing for a smoother workday for all. The overall aesthetic will look better, too, as you’ll be able to tie everything together much easier.

Let Light Stream In

As previously mentioned, light is a crucial part of any space. It’s important to have artificial light nailed, but you should also think about how much natural light comes in. Natural light is essential for boosting the mood of workers, and large windows will instantly brighten a place up. If the office building stands tall, then there is even the benefit of great views over the city. Picturesque views and lots of natural light will bump up the value of the offices massively, so you should invest in tall windows.

Think About Colour

Colour is one of the first aspects you should think about when deciding on a design plan. What sort of aesthetic are you going for? Generally, for work-spaces, less is more; you don’t want to overload the eyes with a large variety of colours. Softer shades tend to work better. Dark colours are fine to use, but not on every single wall. You aim to create a positive, uplifting environment, so choose the colours to reflect that.

Use Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors can instantly take an office from average to luxurious. Think about putting glass doors to the boss’ office and glass doors to the outside. It will give the whole area an open, modern feel, greatly increasing the value of the space overall. You don’t want the office workers to feel enclosed in a small area!

Sweat The Little Things

When it comes to the design of office space, you can’t be too detailed. It’s one of those occasions where it does benefit you to sweat the little things. When you stand in the building, close your eyes and imagine it as an office. Where would the reception desk go? Is there room for plants? Are the desks close enough to the windows? Where will the printers go? There’s no room for missing anything out! If you’re going for luxury, you must hone in on all the small details.

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