Ways To Transform Your Garden
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Three Ways To Transform Your Garden

December 9, 2020

When thinking about how many rooms your home has, the most traditional way is to count all of those that could be used as bedrooms, i.e. those that aren’t a bathroom, bedroom or living room. While this is a good indication of how much space you have in your home, it fails to take into account one very important space – your garden. If your garden isn’t fit enough to be classed as a room of its own just yet, here are three ways you can transform it into a useable space.

Trim Back Your Trees

A tree can be a stunning centrepiece of any garden. The only problem is as they grow over the years, they can take up more and more of your garden. They can make your garden very shaded even on the hottest of summer days. That’s why it’s so important to maintain the growth of your tree. Unlike any other plant in your garden, you can’t cut your tree back with a simple pair of garden secateurs. Instead, you’ll need some much more heavy-duty tools and more importantly, somebody who knows to operate them safely.

If you find you need to trim back your tree, it’s important to hire the expert skills of a local tree surgeon to carry out the job. If you attempt this on your own, you could not only end up injuring yourself but also damaging the tree and even the buildings around your tree. Trees are extremely heavy, and if they fall in the wrong direction, they could very easily damage your roof, let alone any fences or garden furniture that gets in the. Make sure any tree surgeon you do hire has the correct qualifications, equipment and insurance to carry out the job before you allow them to start work.

Look After The Grass

Most traditional gardens consist of a big patch of grass surrounded by either some plants, some paving or simply a garden fence separating your garden from your neighbour’s garden. As your grass takes up a huge part of your garden, is the central focus of your garden and most likely the first thing you see when you step out of the back door, it’s important to make sure it’s looking its best. Make sure you regularly mow your lawn so it’s not only looking good but is nice and comfy to sit on. If you have any bald patches, buy some grass seed to fill them in and make the lawn look nice and uniform. If your whole lawn looks damaged, consider digging it up and re-turfing the whole section.

Furnish Your Space

It’s important that your garden doesn’t just look attractive, but is also a usable space that has everything you need to relax in. Unless you like the idea of laying on the grass no matter whatever the weather, you should invest in some good garden furniture so you can enjoy sitting in your garden. If you want to be able to sit outside in the colder and darker months, it would be a good idea to install some lights and a heater of some sorts, whether that’s powered by gas, electric or burning wood.

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