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Things To Look For When Purchasing A Garage Door Opener

October 20, 2021

The garage door opener has revolutionized the way people open and close garage doors. Many of the garage door openers on the market today have various safety and convenience features that can benefit your life. Before making a purchase decision, it’s crucial to take a moment to consider garage door prices and the following factors:

1. Safety Sensors

Safety sensors will stop the door from closing if anything is in its path as it closes. This can avoid damage to both people and pets and prevent any other objects from being damaged by the moving metal mechanisms within the door itself. This may be a particularly useful feature for those with children since there is no need for childproofing. However, parents should always watch their children when they are near the garage door.

2. Auto-Light Remotes

Auto-light remotes have a small light that turns on as soon as you press the button to open or close garage doors. This allows for a quick and easy exit from either side of the vehicle, which can be difficult in darkness or poor weather conditions. For those who live in areas where it gets very dark during certain parts of the year, this feature can be extremely beneficial since they don’t have to fumble around by turning on their headlights before leaving the house. Similarly, parents also do not have to worry about waking up their children when they leave for work early in the morning during darker months of winter by opening or closing their garage door.

3. Safety Lock

safety lock feature can be very useful for those who have small children. The door will only open when the garage door opener is activated to avoid being opened by young children who may play with the remote control.

4. Three Button Remotes

Three-button remotes are more practical than two-button remotes since they allow you to program different, individual entry codes into each of your three family cars rather than just programming in one code that everyone has access to. This ensures that any unlocked or lost remotes won’t allow strangers access to your personal property when your garage door is left open. Additionally, there are some three-button models on the market today that do not require a neutral wire. This means you can avoid the hassle of figuring out where your neutral wire is running on your garage door opener system.

5. Add-On Accessories

More and more companies are adding accessories that you can purchase for your garage door openers. For example, wireless keypads or smartphone apps allow you to open and close your garage door using any mobile device instead of remote control. For those who want convenience, these features may be worth the investment. Parents who drive their children to school every day can also benefit from an add-on keypad since they don’t have to worry about constantly getting distracted by digging through their pockets looking for their remotes at dangerous intersections.

Furthermore, some manufacturers offer Wi-Fi connectivity with certain models of openers, allowing you to control your door using your computer or smartphone even when you are away from home.

6. Battery Backup

If the power ever goes out in your garage and you have a battery backup installed with your opener, not only will it be able to open and close the door as usual, but some models also allow for lights on the inside of the garage. This can also prevent any problems that may arise if someone breaks into your garage since they would be unable to close the door without entering a code first. It would likely scare them off, considering they would know that someone was alerted about their presence within the garage.

When purchasing a new garage door opener, there are certain things one should look out for. It is always best to be informed about what to expect to avoid being disappointed or ripped off by inferior products. The above considerations will help you in your quest for the perfect garage door opener.

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