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Track Youre Commerce Growth With Instagram Metrics

June 1, 2023

Nowadays, having an Instagram page for your B2C e-commerce firm is essential to survival. When you approach someone to attempt and sell them merchandise from your company, they can ask you, “What’s your Instagram handle?”

Customers want to see evidence of your products, especially if they cannot view them in person. While websites are fantastic tools to advertise and sell your products, Instagram is more practical for people who utilize mobile devices. On a mobile-friendly website, you can scroll through a catalog much more slowly than on mobile Instagram. Not to add, there are presently more than a billion Instagram users, giving you access to a vast market.

Even with the challenge TikTok poses, Instagram is rapidly evolving into the hub of everything e-commerce in digital marketing. So, how do you monitor the development of your Instagram eCommerce store? You may use the stats we’ve developed to track the success of your IG marketing campaigns and boost conversion rates on the platform. Once you have mastered these evaluation techniques, you alone can revolutionize the expansion of your brand or company, an enormous marketable consumer base.

Essential Metrics To Monitor Your Instagram Success

Growth Rate

Many people believe that having a substantial following equates to having sales. True. Although it may increase your brand’s perceived legitimacy, it does not always imply that you are generating leads or sales. A smaller, more active audience is always more valuable than a sizable, inactive one.

The growth rate, on the other hand, is a fantastic tool to track your company’s progress. It notifies you when new followers worldwide are engaging with your posts. You can see what material your followers engage with using Instagram’s Followed and Unfollowed tabs. It’s a good idea to go back and review your most recent postings if you notice a rise in unfollowers to figure out what went wrong. This knowledge will assist you in determining the types of material your followers enjoy seeing as your growth rate picks up.

When assessing your Instagram performance, it’s critical to understand your growth rate. For instance, if you have 100 followers and add 10 new ones each month, your growth rate is 10%. However, if you already have up to 1000 followers but only gain 10 new ones monthly, your growth rate is only 1%, which is subpar. This measure demonstrates that your growth is stagnant, and you need to try new strategies.


“Reach” is one statistic you must succeed in to boost your brand’s performance. Websites like blastup help you buy blastup Instagram likes to generate reach for your account. It relates to how many accounts have viewed your post, indicating how much interest each postreceives. This statistic is a priority for e-commerce companies to raise brand recognition. You begin by looking at the reach of your most recent five posts, which will give you a sense of your current average reach. You will then know how well or poorly your postings are performing.

It’s crucial to remember that reach is distinct from impressions. No matter how often someone views your content, it only counts as one reach. Even if a single account makes a view, it counts towards impressions.Including a compelling CTA (call-to-action) after your posts and using exciting and related hashtags are helpful ways to increase your reach.

Instagram Stories Engagement

Whether text, photographs, or videos, IG Stories are an additional method to engage with and grow closer to your followers. Regarding tracking Stories engagement, Instagram’s native tool is handy. You are aware of the number of people who read your stories, look at your profile, respond to them, and the number who stop reading after the first few postings.

Utilizing the native tool, you can assess the kind of content that engages and captures your audience’s interest. To determine where you lost the interest of your followers, compare your watch-through rate to your drop-off rate at the end of the 24-hour duration. Check what material generated the most responses as well.

Comments On Posts

One of the best ways to assess the development of your Instagram page is through comments. Your level of engagement increases as your posts receive more comments. They demonstrate that you are producing material that is having an impact on people.

If you observe a decline in comments, look at your most recent uploads to see why your viewers weren’t engaged. To offer your posts a greater reach, it’s a good idea to experiment with different content tactics and include a variety of hashtags.

Instagram Saves

You can save that timeless article you just chanced upon on the TL using the Save option. Saves are emerging as the next most helpful indicator due to the recent trend of Instagram hiding likes on posts. Users can save a post to be read later by simply tapping the button in the bottom right corner. They can even organize their saves into categories.

These save trigger responses from the Instagram algorithm. Instagram will display one of your posts to other users more frequently the more people save it. When developing content for your IG pages, consider this metric.

Engagements Per Follower

Users don’t view more than 69% of Instagram posts. No matter how many followers you have, there won’t be any engagements if people can’t see your posts. The engagement rate tracks the direct response of your audience to the material you provide. You can track who shares, bookmarks, likes, and comments on your content. Additionally, applying these findings

You may find out how much interest your followers show in your posts by looking at your engagement per follower. Try to avoid focusing just on the statistics when calculating the engagements. By accumulating the likes and comments you get over some time and dividing that total by seven, you may determine your interactions each week.


Without question, Instagram is a fantastic tool for marketing your company, making it an absolute necessity for any e-commerce toolkit. You need to utilize these parameters to monitor your growth if you’re prepared and committed to entering the realm of likes and captions. Additionally, you may use other tools to get more detailed reports on how your IG marketing is doing. (A quick Google search can be helpful.)

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