Shopping Reviews (2023) Unlocking Vivori Jewel Mystery – Legit Or Scam Store?

August 23, 2023

Elegance and allure often come at a cost, and before you decide to adorn yourself with the radiant pieces from Vivori Jewels found on, let’s embark on a journey through this review. Vivori was established in October 2022, and since then it has captivated the hearts of many with its extensive collection of pendants, rings, bracelets, and more.

Unveiling My Experience With Vivori Jewels

Attracted by a TikTok post singing praises of Vivori Jewels, I decided to test the waters by purchasing a necklace – the ‘Stella Herringbone Chain.’ The package arrived promptly, yet the box it came in lacked the finesse I anticipated. However, the necklace itself was a different story. Its simple yet stunning design took my breath away. The weight was perfectly balanced; it didn’t feel cheap, nor did it burden me. Wearing it was a pleasure; it hung delicately, adding a touch of charm to my look. Its allure was irresistible, prompting me to order another, succumbing to its beauty.

Crucial Insights Before You Shop At Vivori.Co

Rebranding Mystery

Navigating Vivori’s landscape can be perplexing due to the transition from Viviori Jewelry to Vivori Jewels. While the allure of consistent 70% discounts persists, this transformation was triggered by a wave of negative online feedback, resulting in the closure of

Lack Of Clarity

The absence of disclosed business or warehouse addresses is a cause for concern. Although mentions a New Jersey, USA base, you only find out for sure when you order. This opaqueness regarding the origin of your purchases might raise eyebrows.

TikTok Enigma

TikTok hosts an intriguing phenomenon—people are sharing discount codes that they say come from a former employee. These codes assure free jewelry from, shipping being the sole expense. Caution is wise when encountering ‘free’ deals. Personal experience has taught me that such offers often mask hidden intricacies. The company acknowledges the existence of these codes but refrains from claiming their distribution, dealing with the matter internally.

Limited Contact Options

When it comes to reaching out to the store, your choices are restricted. The exclusive means of contact are via email at or find them on Facebook.

Is Vivori.Co A Scam Or A Legitimate Jewelry Store?

Vivori Jewels is not a scam; however, it’s not without its drawbacks. The absence of contact information like a physical address or telephone number does raise legitimate concerns.

Before you embark on your jewelry journey with Vivori Jewels, let this review serve as your guiding light. Arm yourself with knowledge and style, ensuring you’re well-prepared to explore the treasures offered by

The Final Verdict

Vivori Jewels, housed within emerges as a reputable jewelry destination. However, exercise caution when encountering promotional discount codes; their origin and authenticity remain shrouded in uncertainty. The absence of transparent contact information may also leave some potential customers hesitant. Vivori treads the fine line between trust and trepidation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the discount codes for free jewelry authentic?

While discount codes promising free jewelry circulate, it’s wise to approach them with caution. The authenticity of these codes can be questionable as the company distances itself from their distribution.

  1. How can I get in touch with Vivori Jewels for inquiries?

You can reach out to exclusively via email or through Facebook.

  1. What prompted the rebranding of Vivori Jewels?

Vivori Jewels was previously known as Viviori Jewelry but underwent a name change due to a wave of negative online reviews, resulting in the closure of

  1. Is Vivori Jewels’ authenticity confirmed? appears to be a legitimate jewelry store; however, concerns arise due to the lack of transparent contact information.

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