Instructions For Playing Line-Up Bets To Always Win Big

What Is A Throw-In Line? Instructions For Playing Line-Up Bets To Always Win Big

December 20, 2023

Throw-in betting is one of the most popular forms of mobile betting at bookmakers. This type of bet also often appears in major tournaments around the world. Therefore, you will have a chance to win and receive more attractive rewards. To know exactly how to play, please refer to the following article.

What Is A Throw-In Bet?

Throw-in bets are the most popular betting type on the market. If you want to participate in this bet, you just need to contact the house and register for that tournament. The match is complete. Throw-in is a relatively new concept, so you need to find out more information before participating by typing the keyword throw-in betting.

Similar to corner kick bets or penalty card bets, throw-ins still have the same way of operating. That means you rely on information about the two teams, data, and betting history to make predictions about which team is better and whose performance is more stable. However, in terms of how to play, this bet will be somewhat more complicated than the other types.

Summary Of Betting Types In Throw-In Bets

The variations in throw-in bets are very diverse, so if you don’t know the information clearly, you will definitely miss some interesting and unfortunate things. Therefore, we have compiled the three most popular ways to bet on throw-ins in our country for you to follow.

Handicap Bet

Before playing throw-in, you need to determine the strength, performance, actual situation, or, in short, the basic information of the two teams. There will be three cases if you bet on this bet: Win half money, tie money, and win full money. To distinguish between winning and losing, мы decides based on the total number of throw-in goals and the handicap odds of the two teams.

Over/Under Betting

Before starting the match, the bookmaker will give figures on the total number of throw-ins that can occur in the match. Your task is to predict whether the real result will be higher or lower than the number given. If it’s higher, choose Over; if it’s lower, choose Under. If you break even, you will receive a 100% refund of your bet.

Throw-In Bet (First Throw)

If you accept throw-in betting, you cannot ignore this betting method. That means you will predict which team will be the first to take the throw-in. It sounds simple, but you have to determine it based on many factors. Therefore, you should spend a lot of time and effort learning and then decide to play to minimize risks.

Pick Up Tips For Playing Throw-In Betting To Win Big That Few People Know

In general, the way to play throw-in betting is not too complicated. However, you should not be subjective, but consult more experiences and top battle tips from your predecessors to pocket many good tips.

Know Clearly The Information Of The Two Teams

As with any type of betting, you must clearly understand the information about the two teams facing each other before starting to research and reason. In addition to performance, you should update more about the actual situation, including whether any players are injured, recent competition history, the coach’s leadership style, etc.

Besides, you also learn about external factors that have a direct impact, such as weather, number of fans, stadium (home or away),… These factors sound simple, but they have a huge impact on the psychology of the players. If you don’t carefully consider the latest information and quickly place a bet, you have a high chance of losing.

Follow The Match From Start To Finish

If you have decided to play the throw-in bet, you should watch the entire match from start to finish. Because you don’t observe carefully, it will be very difficult for you to calculate how many throw-ins have taken place. Moreover, you also cannot know which players are really making a breakthrough, which players are in poor form, etc. to play in the next matches.


So we have revealed the concept of throw-in betting? Instructions on how to play throw-in bets to always win big for beginners. Surely you are also impressed with this new type of entertainment, right? What are you waiting for? Download the app to experience it today.

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