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What Is An Exposed Shower System

February 29, 2024

The exposed shower system is one of the most recent developments in interior design. This trend is gaining popularity since it’s a chic and contemporary approach to updating your bathroom’s aesthetic without completely gutting the space. The end result is a beautiful and fashionable home spa that you can easily create in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Featuring exposed beams, pipes, and utility lines, some of the finest-built restaurants and hotels feature exposed ceiling designs. A sleek, industrial-inspired design is the final result. Once again, you may achieve an industrial or antique vibe with the exposed shower system, which gives it that trendy, modern touch. This completely changes the appearance for the better.


A shower handle, the shower head, and the pipe leading to it are the standard components of an exposed shower system. Additionally, you can get an attachment like a handheld showerhead. All the standard internal workings of the shower are mounted externally on full display in the complete exposed shower system that mounts on the shower wall. Because of this, it seems more contemporary and industrial. In most bathrooms, the shower system is so well-integrated into the wall design that it hardly stands out. With exposed shower systems, the plumbing is an intentional and visible decision of a modern design and may be used both indoors and outdoors or in settings where in-wall plumbing causes a challenge.

Best Place To Install An Exposed Shower System

What Is The Best Place To Install An Exposed Shower System?

The installation is really straightforward, requiring only a hand shower and an exposed thermostatic valve. This is something else you have the option of doing in your bathroom. If you’re thinking about updating your shower, particularly in a really large shower area, the exposed shower system is a great choice. It’s a modern unit that contains an exposed thermostatic valve, an overhead shower, and a hand shower. It will give your shower the style it needs.

Since they are common in most houses, you might be familiar with concealed showers, which only expose the shower head and thermostatic valve. But the situation is very different with exposed shower systems. Rather than hiding its inner workings, the shower is installed outside the shower wall, making it visible to everyone. In most cases, this includes the shower head, the arm, and any visible pipes. An additional component for a tub/shower combination would be a tub spout. You can easily update the look of your bathroom with an exposed pipe shower, which makes a bold statement about modern design.

Exposed Shower Designs

From sleek, matte black fixtures to classic stainless steel or even a touch of luxury with copper and gold finishes, there is a wide range of solutions to suit any interior design taste. The tub and shower faucet with a rough-in valve are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. You may enjoy a rejuvenating shower experience with three-in-one system at Wellfor that includes a handheld shower, a rainfall shower head, and a tub spout.

Pros & Cons Of Exposed Plumbing Shower Fixtures

When making extensive design selections, examining the pros and cons of the installation and exposed plumbing shower fixtures is no exception.

Benefits Of Exposed Showers

Installation Made Easy-Exposed shower systems are perfect since they can be easily attached to pre-existing connections, including the valve trim, according to industry-standard dimensions. Incorporating them into your existing bathroom design is easy, and they may make a significant difference. Thanks to various design alternatives, an exposed shower can meet your demands without total bathroom renovation. This is true regardless of whether your current bathroom is modern or older and has more character.

Cost Savings: Let’s not overlook the most crucial factor, cost, while discussing installation ease. A less expensive and more easily maintained option is an exposed system, as opposed to its hidden sibling, a concealed shower. To access the pipes for a concealed shower, you must remove and restore tiles and walls, which can be costly. In contrast, exposed showers are the most cost-effective option and may be installed without causing any damage to the walls that already exist.

Thermostatic Control: Thermostatic valves, an elegant addition to exposed shower systems, allow you to change the water temperature and, in some models, the flow rate using a pressure-balanced valve, ensuring that you always have the perfect temperature for your shower. With a thermostatic shower system, you can finally enjoy a hot shower without worrying about the water being too cold.

The Drawbacks Of An Exposed Shower System

Space Constraints: The amount of room you have to work within your shower will depend on its dimensions. An exposed system’s shower column, including the handheld shower head, takes up space. Thus, it might not work in a small shower. Consider installing a hidden shower stall if you’re already crammed into a small space.

More Surface Area To Clean: This shower style allows you to clean a larger area thanks to its exposed pipes and additional accessories. It’s also more likely to show signs of exterior damage and discoloration from hard water.

When Would You Recommend An Exposed Shower System?

Finally, because they are so simple to install, exposed pipe shower systems are great for renovating your bathroom without a lot of fuss. They are a money and time saver, to top it all off. As far as improving the look of your shower goes, this system is the most budget-friendly choice. Your boring bathing experience becomes chic and modern with high-end accessories like a hand shower and temperature control. An uncovered shower may not necessitate tearing down walls for repair or replacement, but it may be inconvenient in confined areas due to the extra room it demands and the little extra work it takes to clean. It is the ideal method for making a big fashion statement with little work!

Recommend An Exposed Shower System


Whether you want an exposed shower system or other systems like concealed showers, it entirely depends on your bathroom style and sense of aesthetics. But an exposed shower system’s overall look and benefits make it an easy option for a modern-looking bathroom.

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