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Easy Ways To Renovate & Add Value To Your Home

December 17, 2020

If you’ve lived in a home for any length of time, it’s easy just accept the status quo, but making small improvements to your house can dramatically change the ambiance and atmosphere of your environment. It’s impossible to put a price on being comfortable at home, but if you come to sell your house, you’ll soon realize the value you’ve added.

Below are just a few easy and cost-effective ways in which you can enjoy your home more, while also adding to its overall value:

Convert Your Garage Into Living Space

Cars lose value the minute they leave the forecourt and, while it can be argued you might extend the life of your car by keeping it indoors, the space taken up by a garage could likely be put to much better use as a living area. Instead of giving over space for a garage, consider transforming it into another room. Garage conversions are becoming increasingly common, particularly when the garage is directly attached to the house.

Renovate Your Kitchen

For most families, the kitchen is the beating heart of the home – a place not just to eat but to also enjoy a convivial coffee or to enjoy catching up on the day’s events. Kitchens are the nuclear center of a house and are far more just ‘another room.’ Carrying out kitchen renovations will let you enjoy the space more, while also adding considerable value to your home.

Consider Adding An Extension

Most houses are perfectly suited to an extension, so much so, that once it’s done, you’ll probably end up wondering why it wasn’t featured in the original design. The most common spaces to extend include kitchens and living rooms on the ground floor, or bedroom areas upstairs. If you have sufficient space, you could also think about extending into your roof space to add a whole new floor to your home.

Add A Conservatory

A conservatory has the effect of bringing the outdoors indoors and can bathe an otherwise dull or dreary room in light. Most conservatories are added to either the kitchen or the living room, but you could also look at adding a stand-alone conservatory if you have a large garden, separate from the main house. Conservatories come in a variety of styles, ranging from the traditional to modern metal-framed designs, so choose a look that best complements your home for the greatest impact.

Increase Curb Appeal By Transforming Your Outdoor Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, chances are you aren’t putting it to best use. Many homeowners end up considering their outside space almost as redundant, and put little thought into how they might use it better. However, rather than just ignoring your outdoor space, consider adding garden furniture or a barbecue to transform your garden into a veritable extra living space. The list is endless for the work you could do in a garden, but easy transformations include adding seating/eating areas, firepits, or specific zones. Zoning a garden can have the effect of leading the eye from one area to the next and will also help you focus on the possible uses of your garden space, therefore maximizing its potential.

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