Planning Your Wedding

What To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

January 18, 2023

After celebrating your engagement, it is now time to start planning your wedding. To ensure that everything goes as you plan, what do you have to consider? When you are busy aiming for perfection, it can be easy to overlook the smaller or simpler things, such as table decor and layout. Planning every aspect of your upcoming wedding may feel tedious. However, when you take a structured approach to your planning, you can be sure you get the day of your dreams.

Budget & Timescale

One of the first considerations you will have is your budget. How much do you want to spend on your wedding, and how much can you afford to spend? How are you going to be financing your big day, and what do you want to get in return for your spending? When you are looking at the budget, it is important to give yourself some breathing space too. Having a contingency fund that will cover any unforeseen circumstances or purchases is essential. When drafting a budget, also think about the timescale you will follow. Are you working to a deadline of months or weeks? When you can break down your timescale and give yourself a checklist, you can make planning so much easier.

The Perfect Venue

The venue for your special day is super important, and if you get this wrong, you may ruin how the day feels. The rest of your planning may not go as smoothly as you expected it to. When it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue, you need to look at locations in new areas. Look at specialist venues, and look at where friends and family have held their weddings before. You have to get a good feeling about a wedding venue, and if you do not, it is not right. As the venue is central to your day, you need to invest your time in sourcing venues and checking them out to make sure they are perfect for your needs and requirements.

The Menu & Entertainment

How are you going to keep guests entertained on your big day? What food are you going to serve them? Are you looking at a formal sit-down menu? Or are you more focused on a casual and laid-back approach? Also, start thinking about the entertainment you want for the day. Do you want to feature a live band at night? Would you like a karaoke at the reception that allows everyone to get involved? Great entertainers and hosts will get booked up quickly, so get to grips with the entertainment you want sooner rather than later.

Getting Others Involved

You may want to have control over every aspect of your wedding, and you may do this to ensure the event goes smoothly. However, when planning, you may find it very beneficial to get others on board to assist you. From helping you ring suppliers and providers to getting quotes and estimates, you should utilize help as and where you can. Extra helping hands can help you reduce stress and help you enjoy all aspects of planning.

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