Planning Your Big Day

What You Need To Think About When Planning Your Big Day

December 1, 2021

Getting engaged is so very exciting; however, there is a lot of decision-making about your pending big day to come, and it is a good idea to make sure that you talk everything through with your intended before even starting to go about serious research and planning.

Making sure that you are both singing from the same song sheet so that there are no really big disagreements on the horizon is a very important factor in making your wedding day the best day of your life and the start of a glorious relationship between you both.

Choosing Your Rings

Getting the right rings for your wedding is very important; you have to think that you will be wearing these jewelry items for the rest of your lives, so you do have to put some thought into not only the style but what your wedding rings will actually be made of.

Most will opt for a plain gold band, but that in itself can bring to question the carat of gold or color of the gold band rose gold, white gold, or yellow, to name a few. However, there are now more than ever different colors and metals being used for wedding bands, not to mention the different finishes that are available on the market today.

When you have chosen your perfect wedding band and made sure that your future spouse will be happy to wear the matching partner to your wedding ring, you will then be able to decide on what romantic message to have engraved on the inside of the ring – for your loved one’s eyes only.

Setting Your Date

This is a big one to think about. There are pros and cons to choosing any particular time of year depending on whereabouts in the world that you live. Unfortunately, desirable weather is something that cannot be guaranteed.

However, it seems that the general consensus is that winter weddings are the best. It brings a really good reason to have a joyful and lush party when the weather is cold, and the nights draw in that much faster.

It also gives way to rich autumn colors being used in decorations, bridesmaids’ dresses, and bouquets, not to mention the heavy sumptuous materials that can be used in the making of the bridal gown and those of the bridesmaids rather than the traditional silks. Being able to move away from the traditional white wedding dress and make a move toward the deeper shades of creams or even golds could enhance a winter wedding and give a very desirable hue over the day’s celebrations.

Choosing The Venue

It is important to choose the correct venue for your wedding, do not be swayed by others because of their own preference but go for what you and your partner would like. If you do not want traditional, then take traditional off of the table. With a lot of venues being able to perform the wedding ceremony as well as provide the wedding breakfast, there is no need to get married at a church unless, of course, you particularly want to.

It is a good idea to do plenty of research and, where possible, taste the food of the venue you are looking to choose for your wedding breakfast to make sure that you are truly happy with the quality that will be served up to your guests.

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