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Why Invest In Metal Buildings: Texas’s Growing Trend For Residential & Commercial Buyers

December 5, 2023

What better building material can suit the robust & resilient Lone Star state if not steel? Steel buildings are becoming the fastest-growing trend amongst Texans, whether they are looking for residential or commercial space. And why not? After all, you get much more edge with steel than with any other material. Metal buildings are known for their high durability, fast installation, and low maintenance needs. Let’s see some of its captivating benefits.

Benefits You Get When You Buy Metal Buildings In Texas


Where wooden structures will rot and decay with time regardless of the upkeep, steel shines bright. Steel, with its high tensile strength, can bear more load than any wooden panel of a similar size. And if that doesn’t convince you, with minimal aftercare, steel buildings will last almost a decade without repainting.

Since steel posts, metal panels, and roofs do not rot or decay, the structural integrity as a whole remains intact throughout the lifespan.

Low Upkeep

Whether you buy metal buildings in Texas or some other state, the top thing that concerns most people is how much time and money they will have to spend on its aftercare. Regularly painting and checking for pests like termites is a common routine with wooden structures. Now, here comes steel.

Metal buildings generally require cleaning. To prolong the life of your steel structures, you must remove all dirt and debris from the roof and side panels. You can use a typical garden hose or a pressure washer, along with a mild detergent for cleaning. After cleaning, you can leave it to air dry. That’s it.

Repainting is needed every 5 to 10 years, depending upon your climate zone & external weather conditions. If you notice any minor rusting, you can use sandpaper, primer, and paint to fix it.

Weather Conditions

Certified steel buildings are known for their endurance. It can withstand heavy snow loads, harsh sun rays, and heavy rain. Did you know that some metal dealers offer certified steel structures that can tolerate wind speeds up to 170 mph? That’s right. It’s the speed of a F-2 to F-3 category tornado.

There are all-weather steel buildings that you can buy to ensure that you don’t have to worry about environmental damage. You can ask your metal manufacturer about it for more details.

Design Flexibility

If there is one thing that puts people off when choosing a metal structure, it is the lack of design options. But not anymore. You can make your steel structure look like a traditional home or stand out from the rest of the backdrop with a contemporary design.

Seriously, the choice for customization is limited to your imagination and budget. You can select various color options and even the color of trim & nails to match it with the rest of your building.

If you are worried about the external appearance, several façade options are available for your metal buildings. Whether you want to give your building a wooden, brick, or stone finish is up to you.

Low Insurance

Insurance companies do not underestimate the power & resilience of steel; that’s why they offer discounted premiums for metal structures. You pay between 30% to 40% less insurance than a traditional building. Isn’t that great?

You can also get various tax benefits under farm plans from the government. So, remember to check it out.


Steel is 100% recyclable. Now, you must be wondering,”…but it consumes a lot of water!” And you are right, but that’s only half of the story. Over 90% of the water is cleaned and returned to the source. Not just that, steel buildings are also green buildings. By the end of its life, it will be recycled.

It can be designed to save energy and your money. How? You can install solar panels on the roof to reduce your energy consumption from the power grid. With proper design, you can get LEED certification. Steel structures are also healthy and do not emit toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). So, you get a healthy indoors & happy life.

Pest & Fire Resistance

Wood is an organic material that attracts lots of insects such as termites, pests, fleas, roaches, and many more. However, steel does not. You don’t have to worry about metal posts or panels hosting termite parties behind your back.

Metals are dense objects. Hence, rodents can’t chew through the panels to enter your building. It is hard to break into your steel structure. So, all your items and belongings are safe & secure.

Steel is a non-combustible structure. That reduces the possibility of a fire outbreak. In any event of fire, a well-insulated steel structure will slow down the spread of fire, giving you enough time to extinguish it or call 911 for help.

Steel Producer State

Texas is one of the highest steel & iron-producing states in the United States. Currently, approximately 28 manufacturing businesses are operating within Texas. This makes the import cost less. Hence, you get to buy galvanized steel & metal buildings at relatively lower rates.

Not all manufacturer provides equal quality. It would be best to buy your steel building from a certified seller or manufacturer to get a long-lasting & sturdiest material. The best and most high-quality raw material you buy, the less you have to worry about future repairs & replacements.

Metal Buildings Texas: Sizes & Prices

Building Type Width (ft.) Length (ft.) Height (ft.) Estimate Price
Utility building 20 36 10 $11,529
Commercial building 36 52 16 $39,200
Metal garage with lean-to 50 60 12 $50,010
Fully enclosed barn 64 60 16 $74,735
All vertical commercial building 40 120 16 $98.758

Note that these prices are estimates, and the final pricing will vary with county, state, customization, and availability. Hence, you must talk to your metal dealer about it & request a free quote before buying.

How Cost-Effective It Is to Buy Metal Buildings in Texas?

Let’s explain the relative cost with examples. For simplicity, we will compare metal and wood of similar sizes.

Building Type Metal* Wood*
2-Car Garage $6,000 to $8,000 $19,000 to $28,000
2-Car Carport Starts at $1,400 $6,000 to $12,000
Barn (per sq. ft.) $15 to $40 $20 to $100
*Prices are estimates. The final cost may vary due to customization & current market prices.

Factors That Will Affect the Price of Your Steel Buildings

  • Size
  • Location of construction
  • Local building codes
  • Customization
  • End-use
  • Budget

In Closing

Nothing suits Texas better than steel buildings in the roasting temperature of Texas. So go ahead and choose metal. Call a reputed steel builder to buy raw materials. Ensure that you are buying certified galvanized steel. Some builders even give you color options to choose from and customization as per your need.

No unnecessary machinery noise for months nor allergic wood dust flying in the air. You get your metal structure installed within weeks without any hassle.

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