Shoulder-Season Student Trip

10 Best Destinations For Your Shoulder-Season Student Trip

March 13, 2024

Don’t want to waste your precious vacation waiting in line at the museum? Don’t have the energy to search for a free spot on the beach? Here’s a solution – why not shift your vacation dates and go during the off-season and avoid the main flow of tourists?

Amidst these preparations, you might ponder, “is there a website that will write my essay for me?” This question arises especially when planning a trip that coincides with a busy academic period. Indeed, there are services designed to assist students under such circumstances, ensuring they don’t compromise their education while enjoying a well-deserved break. However, remember to choose these services wisely to maintain academic integrity and quality.

Below, we have collected the best countries to visit in spring and fall. Read our rating and get inspired for new travels! Before you go on a journey, don’t forget to buy term papers from reputable academic assistance services. This way, you can enjoy your adventures without worrying about school assignments, ensuring that both your travel experiences and academic performance remain top-notch. For those in nursing programs, seeking EssayPro nursing essay help can be particularly beneficial, providing expert assistance with complex topics. With academic concerns addressed, let’s delve into the world of global travel, exploring countries that offer the most enriching experiences during spring and fall.


1. Italy

Want to skip the line at the Colosseum? Of course, you can do that. For the average traveler, popular Italian cities mean endless crowds at the ticket counters. But at the beginning of spring and at the end of fall, there are noticeably fewer tourists.

This is the best time to stroll the streets of Rome, view masterpieces in the galleries of Florence and take a ride along the canals of Venice. See the Leaning Tower in Pisa, stroll through the boutiques in Milan and profess your love under Juliet’s balcony in Verona.

When you get tired of walking around ancient cities, treat yourself to a few carefree days on the coast. The beach season in southern Italy starts in May and you can swim on the Italian islands until mid-October. Deserted beaches can be found in Sardinia, Sicily and the Tuscan archipelago.

2. Spain

In Spain, the situation with tourists is the same as in Italy – there are always a lot of people there. Therefore, in the off-season, allow yourself such pleasures as seeing the fabulous Barcelona from the tower of the Sagrada Familia, dancing flamenco in Seville, relaxing in the baths of Granada, visiting the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres and visiting tapas bars in Madrid.

To warm up in Spain in the off-season, go to the Canaries: you can sunbathe on the beaches of the archipelago all year round. By the way, this may be an idea for your winter trip – you can find more great options for it here.

3. Portugal

In Portugal, the spring is really eternal, not a gray off-season. Ride a yellow tram through the colorful streets of Lisbon, take a photo at Cape Roca (the westernmost point of Europe), stop at a medieval castle in the town of Óbidos, and after a walk through the ancient streets of Porto, be sure to try real port wine.

Plus, this is a paradise for surfers – the season here lasts all year round. From May to September, when the water warms up to +20-23°C and the waves calm down, beginners get on the boards. You can catch any wave from October to April. Favorite spots for surfers are Peniche on the west coast, Sarges in the south and Ericeira near the capital.

4. France

The French believe that the best time for walking is spring and autumn. In the summer, any Parisian gets away from the city, leaving the Champs Elysees, Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower to tourists. It is much more comfortable to get acquainted with the sights of France when the number of tourists and the air temperature drop greatly.

In the off-season, you can admire the smile of La Gioconda in the Louvre, stroll through the halls of Versailles, or take a food tour of Leon. To recharge your batteries for the year ahead, head to the Alps. Visit Lake Annecy, stroll around Grenoble and relax in the thermal springs of Lake Geneva.

5. Turkey

Turkey offers us much more than all-inclusive hotels. The legendary Troy and Ephesus, the ancient cities of Anatolia, the rock monasteries of Cappadocia, the palaces and mosques of Istanbul are hidden here. Pamper yourself at the Pamukkale hot springs surrounded by white cliffs, descend into the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli, or hike along the scenic Lycian Way. Spring and autumn are perfect for peaceful walks and trips around the country.

Moreover, September in Turkey is warm enough for you to go to any of the four seas – it will be comfortable everywhere. The same situation is here in May. Hurry up to send your school papers to the best essay writing service, buy your tickets and get on the road.

6. Greece

Agree, spending your holidays in Greece, laying by the pool is too banal. To explore the entire heritage of this country you will need a lot of time. Although a couple of weeks is enough for tours and hiking in Athens, Delphi and Crete in the off-season. In April, fruit trees are already blooming on the Balkan Peninsula, and in the fall, the weather is great until the end of November.

The swimming season in Greece starts in May and the water warms up on the islands of Rhodes and Crete. In fall, you can choose any resort. September and October in Greece are the traditional velvet months when the sea is still warm, the sun no longer burns you, and the flow of tourists becomes significantly less.


7. Austria

If Viennese coffee and apple strudel are all you’ve heard about Austria, it’s time to change that. Visit the famous Vienna Opera and admire the interiors of the capital’s palaces, stroll through the narrow streets of Salzburg and stop by the Mozart Museum, or take the mountain roads to the charming town of Hallstatt to admire the Alpine landscapes.

8. Germany

The Gothic cathedrals of Cologne and the fortresses of Hamburg, the Dresden Art Gallery, the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle and the giant Berlin Zoo – Germany will offer something to everyone. You should definitely come here in mid-autumn for Oktoberfest: the best Bavarian beer will be waiting for you in Munich. Also, go to the hot springs in Baden-Baden.

To Wrap It Up

The best time to travel is when tourists are at home, guides and street performers are relaxing, and souvenir sellers are taking a break from the flow of people. There are places where life is in full swing during the off-season. There is definitely somewhere to go and something to see. Fresh sea breeze, stunning nature, amazing architecture and great cuisine – you can enjoy all this without the flow of tourists and unnecessary anxiety.

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