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Washington State Real Estate License Dos & Don’ts

March 13, 2024

Obtaining a real estate license in Washington state gives you permission to practice as a broker or salesperson in the real estate sector. Since the state has a thriving real estate sector, this is an opportunity to enjoy a lucrative career and grow. 

Whether you are about to apply for a Washington real estate license, already have it, or want to renew it, there are many dos and don’ts that you should take into consideration. Let’s guide you so that you can make the right decision.

Washington State Real Estate License Dos

Do Qualify For The License Application

It is good to check for eligibility before attempting to apply for a Washington state real estate license. Just like any other state, you should be an adult of 18 years or older. This license is also open for US citizens and legal residents. It is also best to do a background check with the police to ensure that you have no criminal record before applying.

Do Complete The Real Estate Licensing Education

Before applying for a real estate broker license Washington, you must complete a 90-hour course certified by the State of Washington through a reliable course provider. This can take you some time, so plan well and choose a flexible school that will allow you to learn as you do other things. If you are interested, you can click to investigate further on this. 

Do Take A State Exam

Another crucial do is to take the real estate exam Washington state and pass. It is an easy online exam to test your entry skills. It is a paid exam, so ensure that you have the money, an internet connection, and a device to do your test. You must pass this exam to proceed to the next step.

Do Stay Informed

It is important to stay informed even after obtaining a Washington state real estate license. There are a lot of constant changes as the sector evolves, and the more up-to-date you are, the better. You can enroll for real estate continuing studies, network with people, and research a lot to stay updated.

Washington State Real Estate License Don’ts

Don’t Practice Without A License

It is illegal to practice in real estate without a license. If you don’t know how to get a real estate license Washington, it is good that you recheck this simple process and fulfill it. Practicing without a valid Washington state real estate license can lead into legal problems that can ruin your career. 

Don’t Engage In Unethical Behavior

Even after obtaining a Washington state real estate license, you should not engage in unethical behavior that can affect your career negatively. Avoid fraud cases, misleading clients intentionally, and other unethical behavior by all means to succeed in your Washington real estate career. 


You can become a successful real estate agent in Washington by observing these dos and don’ts. By now, you probably have an idea that you should qualify for the license, complete the necessary education, pass the state exam, and apply for the license according. Also, avoid the two main things we’ve mentioned and you will be good to go.

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