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5 Easy Steps To Improve Online Brand Reputation Through LinkedIn

September 1, 2020

LinkedIn has become one of the most interesting social media channels to showcase a brand and build huge connections. It would be wrong to guess that it doesn’t play any significant role in building a brand reputation online.

When it comes to online reputation management, people Google to find the routes that help in handling the ORM factors. They focus more on optimizing the search results in any way. Guys, do you know optimizing your LinkedIn activities can also help you improve your brand value?

When you are heading to manage your social media activities, ensure prioritizing LinkedIn with other social media marketing channels. Even the experts performing the online reputation repair services do not miss out on this.
Let’s talk about how!

5 Easy Steps To Manage Online Reputation On LinkedIn

1. Work On Key Phrases & Hashtags

Have you ever used LinkedIn? If yes, probably you know the importance of key phrases and hashtags on this platform. The better are the phrases and hashtags, the more viewers access the post.

Just like you use keywords in digital marketing, you have to use relevant phrases and hashtags in a similar way. Find your niche, learn how your competitors make use of the keywords on LinkedIn, and embrace it.

Emphasize on the post type, title, company name, brand products, services, and so on to attract your targeted audience. This improves the visibility of your brand on search results and contributes a lot to online reputation management.

2. Make More & More Connections

LinkedIn is a hub for marketers and job seekers. It is a place where you can make more and more connections and get yourself projected in front of a wide audience.

Perhaps you have an idea about your own niche, right? Then your next step will be to find a relevant audience and send invitations from your brand. Look for the right audience on the list and send a connection request. The more you connect with people, the more your brand gets visible. And this is too essential if you want your brand to get visible online and attain a good online reputation.

In this digital world, networking plays a significant role. If you have good contacts, you win the race. Or else, it is hard to achieve your goal and stay competitive. Build connections and repair your brand repo.

3. Share Write-Ups

LinkedIn is not a platform to share, like, and comment. You have to be active on LinkedIn if you want this platform to leverage you. Sharing your own thoughts, ideas, and something related to your brand amplifies your online presence. Somewhere in the crowd, your content gets exposed and here you get more likes, more comments, and more viewers. To build a strong reputation, a brand should always have heavy viewers. This is what your content works on.

Make sure the content looks professional, crispy, and short so that readers find it convenient to read. It should be attractive to grab the attention of the viewers and at the same time should contain powerful hashtags and keywords, making your content SEO-friendly.

4. Join Professional Groups

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn also allows users to build professional groups. In order to have a good reputation, join the professional groups that are within your niche.

Connecting with the professional groups, you can get an insight into the industry trends, social media trends, and how to manage a business online. The professionals in these groups share multiple contents based on your interests. Following them, you can come across the areas that need optimization.

Seek the help of these professionals, learn the latest marketing strategies, and perform your LinkedIn activities accordingly.

5. Don’t Avoid Commenting

There is nothing great in sharing your own write-ups regularly. Definitely, you should share your own unique piece of content, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore others. It is equally important to comment, like, and share the contents of others as important is to share yours. In this way, you encourage the connections to perform the same action with you as well.

It’s nothing but a give and takes the policy. Your comment, like, and share other’s posts and the connections will in turn make the same thing happen for you. In this way, you can make your posts visible to a vast audience, unknowingly.

The interesting thing about LinkedIn is the connections of your connections can get to know about you when they comment, like, or share your posts. Think about you, before you simply scroll down skipping the posts on your timeline.


LinkedIn is grouped among the largest social media marketing platforms. With the use of over 101 million users, the platform has marked itself as one of the busy platforms. Taking the leverage, you just need to pour your needs and grab the attention of the audience, developing a strong brand online.

Why don’t you look for the best reputation management company to manage your LinkedIn activities? That I guess will be more sensible.

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