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5 Modern Family Room Decor Items

September 7, 2020

When you are in charge of your home’s design and ambiance, you’ll find yourself in many decision-making situations. A growing family’s needs are paramount, though this does not mean that you’ll have to ditch your pre-marriage coffee table and some antiques you got from your teenage years unless these are sharp and dangerous accessories for the little ones. You can still use furnishings you are fond of, but this time, you’ll need to consider family room decor items that stay true to its purpose, which is to please every member of the family.

Some households don’t have enough space for a separate family room. Others use their living area and separate it into two sub-regions: a drawing room for guests and the other being exclusive for family members. To make the family room look modern, cozier, and more personal, here are some unique decor items to incorporate.

Display Your Kids’ Art Pieces

If you want to add some kids’ stuff, consider something you are proud of. Select from your child’s collection of artwork and have them displayed on a particular wall. Use clean and sturdy modern frames for them to look neat and professional. Arrange them in a floor-to-ceiling network to create an image of a mini-museum inside your new family room.

More Cushions & Throw Pillows

Comfy pillows make the ambiance a little homier. After all, it’s an excellent place for all family members to relax and engage in many activities. Floor cushions allow extra seating space as not everyone would settle for the couch. Moreover, they’ll come in handy if you invited some friends over.

Cushions and throw pillows open great opportunities to enhance your home design. Choose the colors wisely and consider picking a spectrum and pattern that complements the furniture pieces. As this is a family room, consider playful colors so kids will enjoy being in the same place as the adults.

Board Games

There are many great ways you can decorate a family room with board games. However, stacking these playthings on a shelf is no longer attractive and recommendable. One modern way to make them work is by getting the arranged on one of the tables, or customizing a coffee table to become the playing board itself.

Another cool way to decorate a family room with board game elements is by using the pieces as wall decors. You may use scrabble tiles to create a mosaic or frame the board itself on the walls. There sure heaps of fun and creative twists to exploit, and it all comes down whether they are compatible with the rest of the design or not.

Personalized Decor

Whether they are a product of your best DIY projects or you asked a manufacturer to make it for you, personalized items are frequent decors in the room where the family stays most of the time. But if you want to be unique, modern, and timeless, we recommend creating mini-figures of each family member, including your fur babes. Cheap Bobbleheads offer a wide range of mini-figure theme which you can fully customize. Learn more about custom bobbleheads here.

Thoughtfully Designed Photo Albums

In today’s age where social media is now treated as an online diary, there are still some images worth keeping for your personal friends and family members to see. These are the images you can save on sleek and modern albums you can buy online today.

Display these image collections somewhere personal, like at the top-most level of a built-in shelf or the corner table. You can also add them at the top of a coffee table if the album’s design looks stellar enough to be a center of attraction.

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