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5 Money-Saving Tips For Building A Log Home

March 2, 2020

Are you thinking about building a custom log home without hurting your finances? Do you have a fixed budget in mind for your dream home construction? If you do, you can make your log cabin even-more cheaper. But, many times, the log home construction projects exceed the pre-planned budgets or the project drags for longer than it should. Or, sometimes you may get caught up in the upgrades or add-ons.

It’s quite easy to say that the project is a new 1000-square foot house, and will cost $300 per square foot to build. But, will it be the dream log home you want? Well, the first approach to identifying the costs of the project is to talk with several designers and architects.

However, remember that the art lies in budgeting and sticking to it. Here are some of the tips to make sure that you don’t blow past your budget:

1. Get Clear On Your Project

Whether it is a new home, remodelling, an addition to the existing log home or a combination of all these, each of the tasks has a unique budgeting method. A ‘per square foot’ concept can work for a new build, but won’t work for kitchen or bath remodels.

Also, for an addition or renovation to the existing one, discard any cost guidelines set by someone else. It’s best to talk to the professionals for establishing a budget for these projects.

2. Plan A Couple Of Years Ahead

If you are planning to have a custom wood home in the future, start planning now itself! People who give at least 2 to 3 years to plan before they kick start their project end up saving a lot while enjoying their dream home construction.

If you plan ahead, you can shop around for the best prices on products, including log home kits, or home decor items. Besides, you won’t feel like rushing into making decisions.

3. Know Your Needs, As Well As Your Budget

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the nicest things? However, sometimes they come with a higher price. You may want all sorts of exotic materials, top-notch hardware, extra rooms, or spaces in your new log cabin. But, do you really need these add-ons?

Having realistic expectations will cut down the cost of unnecessary add-ons and help you save money. A good log home builder can help you know what’s important and what’s not. They stay abreast of the latest trends in log home construction and let you know which add on will make your humble abode look nice. Further, if they know their task, they’ll adhere to everything you’ve asked. This way, you’ll be able to stick to your set budget.

4. Do Some Research

Before you hire a log home builder, conduct a bit of research. Browse the internet for new ideas and options to know how the builders have utilized the space, and what have they done unique.

What you like online may not be what you like in person. If possible, visit some open houses. Many of the home builders have previous clients who will show you their log home around. It will give you an idea of their build quality and style.

Talk to many designers and set for the one that fits your budget. But, don’t compromise the quality. Find a builder you can trust that can build the home of your style, while adhering to the budget and deadline.

5. Hire The Professionals

Ask the home builder and design team any questions or concerns you have. A good team will address your queries and helps the process go smoothly. Hire a team that has expertise in building a custom log home of your dreams.

These are some of the ways you can stick to your budget and save on building a log home. Plan ahead, fix the budget and find the right team while making sure that you aren’t sacrificing price for the quality.

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