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Cowboy Corgi Facts: Everything You Need to Know!

March 2, 2020

Energetic, playful and affectionate- cowboy corgi is a medium-sized crossbreed that came from the Australian Cattle dog and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This hybrid breed is gaining popularity as these are packed with energy.

Cowboy corgis are the best adventure buddy for people who adore high energy in a smaller package. They look like their corgi parent. They grow 10-15 inches at the shoulders when full-grown. After one year, they grow in the average size at 25 to 30 pounds.

While some of them have a docked tail and a white face mask, others don’t. However, all corgis have upright ears. They appear the same as corgis, but most of them sport facial features of an Australian cattle dog and beautiful coat colour. They are popular and loved for their unique characteristics; so, let’s scroll down to know more about this little, adorable dog:

They Are Attentive & Watchful

Cowboy Corgis are small but mighty. They are extremely watchful and attentive. They are always alert and protective, ensuring that you are safe. If they suspect any danger, they chase or make a lot of noise.

They are super smart and gifted with great intelligence from both of their parents. However, cowboy corgis do need focused training to get that smartness and intelligence. Australian cattle dogs and corgis are known for stubborn nature that makes a call for obedience training. With little extra efforts, your cowboy corgi can learn how to be a polite genius.

They Are Cute & Adorable

Cowboy Corgi is a real attention grabber. This is because of their cute faces and short stature – they make great companions just like an Agouti Husky for those who have one or looking to welcome this pooch into their family. They are a well-loved dog breed that adds royalty with their attractiveness.

They make pet-seekers to pet them right away as they are friendly who love affection. However, they might not be the great lapdogs as they are incredibly squirmy and energetic.

They Love To Exercise

Affectionate and cute, these pooches need exercise. Australian cattle dogs and corgis are herding dogs, with a great history of being active with livestock, so cowboy corgis with a need for ample space and a double dose of herding instinct need an active lifestyle.

Keeping them busy means long walks, focused playtime every day, and enrichment activities when you won’t be around, like snuffle mats or puzzle toys. They can also benefit from routine activities like a midday walk or a doggie daycare.

They’re Great Family Dogs

Cowboy Corgis make great family dogs. From playing around the yard with children to explore the outdoors, they have great stamina to keep up.

However, teaching your kids the right way to play with the dog is a must. That said, corgis can be perfect, family-friendly doggies that do well with kids. They can prosper in both all adult household and the one with kids. As long as they are taken out for walks and fresh air, cowboy corgis are happy dogs.

Your Little Corgi Shed A Lot

While both Australian cattle dogs and corgis have double coats and will protect your pooch from cold weather, they can be hard on your home. Both breeds shed the excess of hairs. Some can also go through the seasonal shedding ( once or twice a year). However, bath and brush them regularly to minimize the fur around the house.

They Are Great Watchdogs

Cowboys Corgis are small, but they are sharp, attentive and watchful dogs. They are very alert, attentive and always stay by your side at the time of danger. They make the best bodyguard as they can scare off intruders with their ferocious dog bark. Also, they are quite territorial among other animals.

They Are Not Hypoallergenic

Allergies are not due to the dog’s hair but are due to saliva and dander. Corgis do produce dander, and with a high amount of shedding, the dander produced by these dogs is also high. Also, Corgis do not drool ( drooling is the unintentional saliva that comes out of the dog’s mouth), so the chance of owner coming in contact to the saliva decreases.

They Are Healthy Pets

While Corgis are quite healthy, they are also predisposed to problems like degenerative myelopathy ( gradual progressive paralysis of limbs), hip dysplasia, senility cancer, cataract and general obesity. So, make sure to take them to the vet to keep them healthy.

They Were Originally Used As Herders

Corgis were used as herders by Welsh at the 10th century. They used to keep farmer’s cattle together and separate them from other herds. Because of their height and closeness to the ground, they have easy access to cows ankle and safeguard themselves from cattle kicks.

They Are Royal’s Favorite

Queen Elizabeth II has over 30 corgis in her lifetime. Her last two corgis were Willow and Whisper, who has now passed away. She now owns mixed (corgi/dachshund) dorgis with name Vulcan and Candy. The queen got her first corgi when King George VI brought a male pooch in 1933. Dookie was loved by the family and became the most loved pet of the future queen and her sister, Princess Margaret.

They Live Up To 12-15 Years

A Corgi has an average life expectance of over 12-15 years. Since they are very healthy and most of the issues developed by these breeds are not threatening, they will stay till their age.

Corgis Come In Various Colors

Corgis often are listed as red and white pets as it’s their predominant coat. But, they also come in tri-color like white, tan and black.

Their Ears Are Little Satellite

Corgis have very sharp ears; they can pick your sound from miles. Also, they are the length of their head, so they always stand straight and look cute.


Cowboy Corgis need a lot of grooming and love, and all the work is worth it! You can easily get your hands on this beautiful dog sold by trusted breeders. You simply need to learn to give them all the love and care they want and need. Now that you know about Cowboy Corgi, you will definitely consider bringing it in your family!

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