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Agouti Husky: All About The Wolf-Like Siberian

February 5, 2020

Agouti husky- maybe you saw them in one of the movies and struck by their gorgeous appearance. Maybe they fascinate you as they howl in the moonlight. Or maybe you are in love with their soulful blue eyes and the way they sleep curled up and put tail over eyes. Whatever it is that you fall in love with this wolf-like pooch, one thing is absolute: an Agouti Husky is a great choice.

While they are best known for their amazing sled-pulling skills, these dogs are not all business. They are excellent working dogs and originally bred to help Chukchi people in Siberia to hunt more efficiently. These dogs are friendly, sweet, and loyal cuddly pets.

Their bright blue eyes, wolf-like appearance, and fascinating history make everyone eager to learn more about agouti husky. Whether you are a husky parent or thinking of welcoming it to your family, you will want to know some interesting facts about the most incredible sled dogs. So, let’s quickly begin:

The Science Behind Huskies In Various Climates

Huskies can withstand temperatures as low as -75 degrees. Their coats, thus, are winter coats that allow them to survive in low temperatures. They do not just have one coat, but two- an underlayer of very tiny hair that they shed in the spring that prevents overheating when the temperature goes up.

In colder climates, this underlayer keeps them well insulated to keep their core body temperature warm. There is an outer layer on top of the underlayer known as guard hair coat that prevents snow from sticking to these pups. They wrap their tails around the face while sleeping, which acts as a natural muff and keep them warm.

Huskies Have A Great Metabolism

Here’s an interesting fact about huskies: They can sprint for more and more hours, without food, and they can burn a lot of calories without even tapping into energy stores. But how do they do this? They can do this by regulating their metabolism for performance.

When humans attempted to run for so long without any energy source, they got fatigued pretty quickly—and thereby had to stop.

Huskies initially have metabolism similar to humans, but when they start running, they throw a switch that reserves all of that. So, it is pretty much clear that their bodies can perform with hardly any fatigue. It’s still amazing, isn’t it?

They Are Super Friendly & Easy-Going Pooch

Despite their wolf-like appearances, Agouti Huskies are superbly friendly. In fact, those who are considering husky as a guard dog would be sorely disappointed as these pooches are simply too trusting of strangers. Huskies temperament make them amazing furry family member for the first time dog owners.

This is not just it, Henlo Fren! Here’s another fact that will amaze you- The Siberians have a zest for life, and they are always playful and active. However, they do need proper training to behave well. Once they are trained, they make great companions and are worth the investment.

Other Interesting Facts About Agouti Husky 

Huskies are also known as army dogs: Huskies have also been used by the army for several purposes- for communication, transportation, and for freight.

Huskies are related to wolves: According to a study, the two breeds- the chow chow and shiba inu share the most DNA with grey wolves. Siberian husky is near the top of this list. Huskies are domesticated pups and have evolved individually from their cousins for many years.

Huskies’ blue eyes make them distinct: Not many dog breeds boast such bright blue eyes. Some dogs—like the Weimaraner or the Australian shepherd —have them because of the merle gene that results in the loss of pigmentation. Huskies can have piercing blue eyes without that gene.

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