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What Is The Best Golden Retriever Mix To Own?

April 9, 2020

Golden Retriever Mix or Simply Goldens falls under the category of most favorite pets because of their pleasing and affectionate personality. They are more lively, playful, and best for the family with kids as they are energetic and always ready for outdoor play. There are many typical characteristics of this breed, which also depends on the owner’s treatment and parenting style.

There are more than a dozen Golden Retriever Mix as it the third most popular breed in the country after Labradors and German Shepherds. Choosing the best Golden is a difficult task. We have tailored a list of most common mixes of Golden Retrievers that are popular for their appearance and behavior.

Golden Collie

It is a mixed breed of Golden and Border Collie, which is a medium-sized dog with a height of 19 inches to 22 inches and 13-23 Kgs in weight. It is known for its high level of intelligence and energy. As an offspring of Border Collie parent, it needs a lot of stimulation and physical exercise.


It is the best dog for those who are seeking a pet with a high level of intelligence. When mixed with the Labrador, Golden produces an easy to train dog that needs excellent exercise. It is used by professionals in rescue operations and drug detection. It is not suitable for apartment living and novice pet parents.


It is a mixed breed of Poodle and Golden Retriever that usually weights 14 to 20 Kgs with medium size. This was first bred in 1990 since then it is the most famous Golden Retriever mix due to its fluffiness. It is the perfect pet for those who hate pet hair and dander.

Golden Husky

It is the most expensive designer breed as it is a Golden with the coat of Siberian Husky. It is known for its playfulness and intense energy. You must have experience of handling dogs to pet this breed.


This is the best pet for those who are seeking for a playful little dog. It is a mixed breed of Golden Retriever and the Beagle. This breed has short legs, floppy ears, and marks on the face like its Beagle parent. It is neither timid nor aggressive.

Golden Hound

Basset Hound and Golden Retriever come under the category of most friendly breeds on the planet. It is Golden, who has the short legs and dropped ears like its Basset Hound parent.


It is a mix of Golden, and the Weimaraner Collide, which comes with a “grey ghost” coat and are sturdy and large. Unlike many breeds, it has a long lifespan of 11 to 13 years.

Golden Chi

This designer breed is attracting attention across the globe due to its unique qualities. It is the mix of Golden Retriever and Chihuahua that carries the sassiness of Chihuahua parent and sweetness of Golden.

It is not as huge as Golden Retriever, but there is a high possibility of acquiring positive traits like obedient and loyal. Most of this breed looks Chihuahua rather than Golden Retriever.

Box Retriever

This Golden Retriever Mix is the mix of Boxer, and Golden Retriever is the best choice for those who are looking for a big designer dog. It can be around 23 inches tall and as heavy as 30 kilograms when it is fully grown up. It can have a short and easy to groom coat like its Boxer parent or long coat like Golden Retriever.

Golden Mountain Mix

This is a huge breed produced by the Bernese Mountain Dog when mixed with Golden Retriever. It could be as heavy as 40-50 Kgs and 22-27 inches in height. It comes with a black coat with tan or white Bernese markings in its facial and chest area.

Golden Pie

Chinese Shar-Pei is popular for its wrinkled skin and bristly coat. However, when Pei mixed with Golden, there is less chance of having a dog with deep wrinkles. When fully grown, Golden pie is usually mid-sized at 18-30 kilograms and 18-20 inches tall. It is one of the famous breeds of Golden Retriever Mix that comes in fawn color.

Afghan Retriever

It is a Golden Retriever Mix that wears the color of the Golden but the body of Afghan Hound parent. This mix of Afghan Hound and Golden Retriever weighs around 20-27 kilograms and stands at 20-29 inches height.

Golden Dox

Golden Dox is the mix of Golden Retriever and Dachshund. It comes with the wavy or straight coat of Golden but the body of the Dachshund parent. It is known for its stubby legs and a long body that is used in tracking and competitive obedience training.

American Gointer

This Golden Retriever Mix is the result of pairing the Golden to an English Pointer that is bred as a gun dog. It comes with a white coat with brown marks and is an even-tempered dog, like Golden. It is a mid-sized dog that is known for its affectionate and amiable personality.

Golden Newfie

It is the result of pairing Golden Retriever and the Newfoundland. Most of them have a dark black coat color, but some come with a combination of black and white, a chocolate or grey color. It is an incredible dog that can tolerate cold weather. This Golden Retriever Mix is a stunning dog with a stunning loyalty towards its master.

Golden Shepherd

This is an intelligent working dog, which is the result of the pairing of German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. It comes with the affectionate personality of Golden, which makes it a suitable pet for a family. It keeps an athletic body like a German Shepherd with its straight ears and large brown nose.


There are various types of Golden Retrievers mixes that come in different shapes, personalities, and sizes. It depends on an owner which kind of pet he wants to keep in his house. Keep a note when getting one is working with a reliable breeder.           

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