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Pacific Bulldog: Thing To Know Before Adopting

April 9, 2020

A dog is considered as the most faithful animal on the planet that comes in different breeds. They are the best companion of a human as well as nothing can induce him to leave his master. They come in many races, but Pacific Bulldog is famous for his gentle and proud behavior.

It comes with an athletic body and a smooth coat that loves the company of the people. If you are going to adopt one, consider the fact below.

Physical Appearance 

It is a breed with a muscular build with a smooth coat, sturdy frame, and a big head. The race enjoys the company of people and loves to go anywhere. The ears of this dog are set wide apart, and far from the eyes and rose-ear shaped is the most desirable shape in the breed.

Their eyes are oval or almond-shaped that may have different colors except for albinism (red or pink). This breed has a large nose set deeply between the eyes with wide-open nostrils.

They have slightly arched neck, muscular and thick with a little loose skin. With broad chest and round sprung ribcage, this breed looks like having a square body. They have widespread and massive laid-back muscular shoulders.

It comes with well-developed claves and short forelegs and muscular hind legs that are longer than forelegs. With strong and straight lower legs, their toes are compact and tight. The height of this dog falls between 15” and 17” with a weight of 50 and 70 pounds. The tail of the dog is short of the hock, thick and straight.

This kind comes with a smooth and short coat that can grow up to 12.” They are generally playful as Cowboy Corgi, family dogs, and great companions due to their healthy drive and gentle behavior. Any color is acceptable of this breed except for Merle.

This color is a disqualification and not allowed within the pacific gene pool. This breed has a life span of eight to ten years and can live longer by taking good and care.

Cost & Feeding

When you are going to adopt a Pacific Bulldog, you have to think about the cost of their food and vet visits. Generally, they have a small belly and usually go for a nap after breakfast or dinner. The breed is popular for sleeping a lot and loves to take a nap in the lap of its master. It is the time when you can cuddle with your pet and relax your mind.

If you are wondering about the feeding of the Pacific Bulldog, sometimes, there are some stubborn dogs that can give you a hard time while feeding, and some love to eat.

There is nothing complicated as the dogs have their meal when they want to. It needs an average-sized meal to stay fit and healthy. However, not all breeders are ethical.

Grooming & Exercise Requirements

A Pacific Bulldog needs at least 3 to 5 minutes of walk every day to stay fit and healthy. It falls under the category of dogs that need regular grooming and skin inspection. You must trim its nails and clean his wrinkles regularly to keep it clean and less dangerous. The perfect care of your pooch can prevent many potential health problems.

Take note, when you are taking your pet out for a walk, avoid the use of a collar. Sometimes, the dog can be furious to the outer things, and you need to take its control. But if you tug on its leash strongly, it is a high possibility to damage the windpipe of the dog.

Living Conditions

Pacific Bulldogs are suitable pets for those who are having air conditioners in their homes. They are unable to inhale a lot of air due to their facial structure and usually overheat. If you are residing in a hot place, you need to think twice before adoption.  

Pacific Bulldog Temperament

It is always traumatic for a Pacific Bulldog to leave its present home and leave for another habitat. This breed might need more attention and affection than other dogs. It may be clingy and needy for love as they know what it’s like to be abandoned.

Pacific Bulldog is a very loyal and protective dog that knows his boundaries well. You must know about the past of your pet when you are adopting it, as he may have some underlying issues. It may have confronted the bad master previously, or the ambiance he got was full of frustration. There are numerable factors that can affect the temperament and behavior of a dog.

You need to investigate everything about the dog before you take him home, as it will help you to build a better relationship with your pet. It is very playful and a good companion for indoor as well as outdoor, when treated as the family member rather than a normal dog.


A trustworthy and ethical dog rescue service believes in getting the dogs checked by the vet before putting them in a home. These rescues always keep data about the dogs as their temperament, past record, and behavior. Ask as many questions as possible about your pooch as it can help you to know more about it and build a safer and friendly relationship.

They would also be updated on vaccinations and spayed. Also, they always match the potential of the adopter and pet. They can ask you several questions that are needed in the process of adoption to measure your capability to keep the dog.

Sometimes, they might not provide the pet as it may not be a suitable match for you. In that situation, you need to wait for the right pooch. These Shelters always choose the right option as they don’t want a dog to suffer from another rejection.

This breed is prone to skin diseases, hip dysplasia, and respiratory problems. These dogs can live longer by taking better care and have fewer genetic issues.

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