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5 Plastic Surgery Trends For 2020, According To Experts

March 3, 2020

With medical, science and technological advancements, plastic surgery trends change all the time. Body contouring has been an effective option to treat sagging skin and stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to rigorous exercise or strict diet plans. In fact, body contouring techniques seem to reach new heights. Further, changes in beauty ideals are also reflected in cosmetic surgery trends.

Whether non-invasive or along with liposuction, the body-shaping procedures will continue to be in the spotlight throughout 2020. The trending minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are:

  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Chemical Peel

Besides, liposuction and butt lift will continue to be a standard in body structuring for many years to come. Compared to the non-invasive treatments, such as coolsculpting, liposuction offers longer-lasting results.

Let’s see what new plastic surgery trends you can expect in 2020:

1. Hybrid Breast Augmentation

You are going to hear more about this procedure this year. It is a high-tech breast augmentation process to enhance the size of breasts. What makes this procedure so popular is its ability to sculpt natural breasts. As compared to the silicone breast implants, it has lower risks and shorter recovery time.

In this procedure, the surgeon performs liposuction to remove stubborn fat from body parts and injects into the breast tissues. If you are looking to slightly increase your breast size naturally, this surgery method is worth considering.

2. Lip Lifts

When it comes to lip enhancement, fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, etc. come to the mind. With patients looking for more natural results, a lip lift is an advanced procedure to enhance and plump the lips. It is a permanent method that shortens the distance between the top of the lip, and bottom of the nose.

The surgeon performs this procedure under local anaesthesia, taking less than an hour. A strip of skin is carved out in a bullhorn-shape below the nostrils. It raises lips’ edges and defines the Cupid’s bow. This makes the mouth look more defined.

3. 3D Facelifts

If the skin starts ageing prematurely, you may want to see a dermatologist for serums or anti-ageing skincare products. However, if you are looking for a surgical procedure to address lines, wrinkles, creases, or folds, facelift surgery is a great method to consider.

Nowadays, the 3D facelift procedure is available to plump the face. It transfers the fat from the lower portion of the face to the cheekbones, adding more volume. Visit the website to maintain a standard body structure for years to come. This method is performed under local anaesthesia and doesn’t result in a pulled-back look.

So, if you are wondering to achieve that youthful look but fear to go under the knife, a 3D facelift is an effective cosmetic surgery option.

4. Rhino Sculpture

Rhinoplasty has been a popular plastic surgery procedure for years. In 2020, this trend is switching to ultrasonic rhino sculpture. Unlike the traditional nose jobs, it doesn’t involve a lot of downtime post-surgery and promises faster recovery.

It involves the use of a probe-like device that releases ultrasonic energy and allows the surgeons to shape the nose accurately while minimizing the risk of damaging cartilage and soft tissues. This specifically targets the bone and doesn’t cause any harm to the surrounding tissues. It is less traumatic than the traditional rhinoplasty surgery, causing little to no swelling.

5. Cosmetic Tattooing

This procedure involves microneedling the organic makeup into the skin. If you don’t want to undergo laser treatments or have problems with makeup, cosmetic tattooing gives you a flawless complexion that lasts for weeks.

If you have a history of acne, eczema, psoriasis, or scars, you need to proceed with caution. Consult with a dermatologist first and seek professional advice before you go for this procedure.

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