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6 Ways To Keep Your HVAC System Healthy This Spring

February 10, 2021

In a few days, the snow will start to melt and everybody will get to enjoy the bright, warm days of spring. For a typical homeowner, this change of weather only means one thing—it is time to gear up the HVAC system.

Make sure your home’s HVAC system stays in good working condition throughout the spring season by following these easy maintenance tips:

Change The Air Filters

Dust and dirt may have clogged your air filter over the winter. Thus, you need to replace them with a clean one to maintain the quality of air inside your home. Experts recommend changing your HVAC air filters every two to three months or as often as needed. Changing the air filters only takes a little time to complete and can be done on your own, so don’t put it off.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Using your thermostat wisely will not only improve your HVAC’s efficiency but also help you save money on your monthly energy bills. According to the United States Department of energy, you can save energy during hot weather by setting your thermostat to 78°F only when you are at home and need cooling and setting it higher when you are away.

Create Clearance Around Your HVAC Components

To allow your HVAC system to operate properly, make sure to keep your indoor and outdoor units clear of obstructions. It is not safe to store household items near your furnace as it can pose a fire hazard. As a general recommendation, residential furnaces should have at least 30 inches of clearance on all sides.

Clean The Air Ducts

Air ducts circulate the air from your heating and cooling system into each room of your house. When the ducts get clogged by dust and dirt debris, you will experience uneven heating and cooling inside your home. To avoid such a troublesome situation, have your air ducts checked and cleaned. Early spring would be a perfect time to schedule a professional duct cleaning service.

Check For Air Leaks

To support your HVAC system, make sure there are no air leaks around your home. Take the time to add insulation to critical areas of your home, such as the attic, basement, and garage. To air seal components that move like your doors and windows, the Department of Energy recommends that you use weatherstripping. Sealing and insulating your home can help you save up to 20 percent on energy costs.

Call A Professional HVAC Repair

Your HVAC system may look fine to you, but it could be experiencing serious internal issues. To check the overall condition of your unit, do not hesitate to ask for help from your trusted local experts. Consulting a licensed HVAC company regarding the maintenance and repair needs of your heating and cooling system this spring will help you prevent emergency breakdowns throughout the season.

Has your furnace shown signs of failure during winter? Do not let the problem get worse. Schedule a professional heating repair before shutting off your furnace for spring and summer. Call your trusted local HVAC company to book a service today!

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