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How To Create A Light & Airy Loft Room

May 14, 2021

Converting your loft is a great way to add an extra room to your home, and it has the added bonus of being slightly tucked away from the rest of the rooms so you get a feeling of privacy.

This makes loft conversions absolutely perfect for use as a bedroom, or as a study.

The only problem is that because a lot of lofts have sloping ceilings and less headroom than other rooms, they can feel a little cramped and dingy if you aren’t careful.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your loft conversion is light, bright, and airy.

Install Roof Windows

Windows are probably the most important feature that you can think about when it comes to how light and airy a loft conversion feels. A common option is to go for dormer windows, which have their own structure and jut out from the roof. The problem with dormer windows is that they often require planning permission, and the fact that they jut out from the roof itself actually means that you can lose some of the light.

Installing roof windows that sit flush to the surface of the roof is a better option because you won’t have to alter the shape of your roof, and they will let in more light. You can get roof windows in almost any size you like, which means you maximize light levels and give yourself a view of the sky!

Use Split Lighting

How you light your loft conversion will have a huge impact on how airy it feels. It’s a good idea to make use of split lighting, which means experimenting with lots of different types of light.

For example, rather than just lighting your room with an overhead bulb, you could use a few standard lamps combined with an uplighter fixed to the wall. Or you could make use of desk lamps.

Using different types of light helps to create texture in the room, which will make it feel bigger. It’s also worth remembering the bulb color. Daylight bulbs will create a brighter light, which can help a room to feel bigger.

Decorate With Light, Neutral Colors

Using neutral colors will open up your space and help it to feel lighter. You can add splashes of color to a loft room by using soft furnishings and accessories, but when it comes to your walls and flooring it’s a good idea to keep it as neutral as possible in order to maximize the space.

An effective technique is to layer lots of neutral colors. For example, your bed might be one color, and then you might layer a throw in another complementary color to add depth.

Accessorize With Natural Materials

When choosing your furniture in calgary, try to go for natural materials such as wood and wool. These give a much softer image and will help to promote the illusion of space.

Again, neutral colors are a good idea so try not to use wood that is too dark. And remember, you can always add a splash of color with accessories such as cushions and vases.

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