Train Your Brain To Be Smarter

Ways To Train Your Brain To Be Smarter

May 12, 2021

Everyone could afford to strengthen their brain more often. It helps you grow and perform better, both at work and personally.

You may think you’re doing all that you can to train your brain to be smarter. But there are always more actions to take to improve it even further! 

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Creating a more brilliant brain isn’t all genetics. You have the power to train your brain and become more intelligent with each passing day. 

Minor tasks such as reading more and creating new habits can improve your mind. And you’re never going to believe this, but drinking tea can help too!

To find out how to influence your mind and become more intelligent, read on. 

1. Frequently Read

Reading is powerful and positively impacts your mind. People who read have a better vocabulary. They also do an excellent job at expressing themselves. 

If you want to improve your vocabulary and become more intelligent, open up a book. Try not to read the same genre you typically gravitate toward. Instead, challenge your mind. 

There could be a new culture you’d like to learn more about, or maybe the history of yoga has always intrigued you. Think outside the box (with your mind!) and find a few books that’ll strengthen your imagination and intellect. 

Books also boost your mood. They make a great therapist! Don’t underestimate how much a book can improve your mind in more ways than one.

2. Create New Habits & Patterns 

If you feel stuck in a rut (or even if you don’t), try switching up your daily patterns. It may be challenging at first to change things. 

Side note: It’s tough for a habitual pet, so take it easy on them! 

But the more you subtly change habits, the more they’ll influence you. 

A new pattern can be something as simple as walking in the morning instead of in the evening. Or, reading in the evenings instead of watching TV. Remember, reading challenges the mind too! 

Repetitive positive habits build your neural pathways, which thus strengthen your mind. That’s pretty cool!

3. Get Enough Rest

It makes sense that for your brain to function, you need an adequate amount of rest. If you don’t get enough zzz’s, you may succumb to brain fog and not perform to the best of your ability during the day. Not performing well can result in making mistakes at work or being forgetful. And no one wants that to happen! 

Do yourself a favor and stick to a set bedtime. Hit the hay at a particular hour and if you find yourself staying up late, adjust your schedule. You can work up to going to bed at 11 pm, for example, by gradually changing your bedtime in 15 or 30-minute increments. 

The experts agree that getting enough sleep is imperative to your health and mind! This report says that too little sleep could lower your IQ, so stay on top of getting enough sleep. 

4. Make Time For Your Loved Ones 

Did you know that spending time with loved ones improves your mood and helps you think more clearly? 

Life gets crazy, and you may not make enough time to converse with your family. If that’s the case, carve out some time to spend quality time with them. 

The activities don’t have to take long. Going on a short walk or getting together for coffee is excellent. 

You may get into a conversation with a loved one that helps you see things in a new light. Besides that, being around them encourages you to stretch your mind in other ways too. 

5. Do Some Journaling

Many people keep a journal to record their thoughts. These thoughts are in the form of lists, such as a gratitude list. Or, they jot down a quick idea every day to keep themselves inspired. 

You don’t have to write a novel for your journal to influence you. Writing down daily activities can help you have an epiphany about certain things. Plus, down the line, it may help you learn something new about yourself. 

Give your mind something to think about by writing more often in your journal. You’re sure to dream new dreams and come up with fresh ideas.

6. Drink Green Tea 

Interestingly enough, drinking green tea improves how your brain functions. It contains a chemical called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which helps create new neurons. With new neurons, your brain performs tasks better. 

Too much caffeine isn’t a good idea, but in moderation, drinking green tea can vastly improve your mind. 

If you’re not a tea drinker, it’s time for you to become one! You won’t regret reaping the benefits of green tea! 

7. Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that eating the right foods results in a powerful mind. Never ignore nutrition because it can completely transform your life. 

Eating fish like salmon improves your neuron function. Other brain-worthy foods are broccoli and berries. 

If you’re not a fan of veggies, slowly incorporate them into your diet. Over time, you’ll adapt, and they may even taste yummy to you! That’s because your body and brain know what’s good for them! 


You may look at smart people in admiration. Albert Einstein was a genius, and you wish you could be like that! 

Who says you can’t? 

You could very well be holding yourself back from becoming something great. 

It takes diligence and practice for your brain to be innovative. Some people have photographic memories and know how to retain knowledge easily. Even if that’s not you, that doesn’t mean you can’t become more knowledgeable. 

Don’t give up on your potential to feed your brain invaluable information. Whether it’s through reading, journaling, or sleeping, you can become a brainiac! 

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