Speed Up Airport Travel Time

8 Ways To Speed Up Airport Travel Time

December 24, 2020

Whether you are a frequent flyer or an occasional jet-setter, no one loves spending hours in airports. These tips are here to help you speed through the airport, so you can spend as much time enjoying your destination as possible.

1. Booking Your Seat In Advance

Booking the right seat is the first step to making sure you have the quickest traveling experience possible. If you are traveling in coach you should try to book an aisle seat at the front of the plane for the quickest onboarding and exit as possible.

2. Book A Parking Spot In Advance

The next step to speeding up your travel time applies before you even step foot inside the airport. Booking yourself a parking space in advance will help you save both time and money. For example, Parkon provides online reservation system that means you can reserve a space ahead of time to save time. Even at the busiest airports in America, like Atlanta, you can find ATL airport parking cost guarantees. It only takes five minutes to search, select, and reserve the most convenient spot for you.

3. Sign Up For A Trusted Traveler Program

The TSA’s PreCheck program allows travelers to move through airport security quickly, with TSA PreCheck passengers waiting less than 5 minutes. The program offers a smoother screening process as certified travelers are not required to remove shoes, belts, 3-1-1 liquids, food or light jackets.

4. Check-In Online

Checking in online is another useful way to save time at the airport. This tip is especially effective when you are traveling without hold luggage.

5. Check Your Flight’s Status

It is very useful to check your flight status as early as possible the day that you are flying, in case your flight has been canceled or delayed.

6. Put Your Documentation Somewhere Accessible

Before you leave for the airport organize all your documentation such as your photo ID, credit card and boarding pass in an easily accessible part of your bag. This will help you to make sure you have all that you need and will help you save time at the airport.

7. Weigh Bags Ahead Of Time

If you worry that your bag might be bordering on the weight limit then it is worth weighing your bag before you leave for the airport. Weighing your bag at home will enable you to take out any items you might not need and either leave these at home or move them to your hand luggage. As it is not unheard of for check-in staff to limit the number of items travelers can move into their hand luggage, weighing your bags at home can also help you avoid the costly overweight luggage fees.

8. Check Your Gate Number

After you have gone through security you should check the flight status boards to see if your gate number has been announced. Going directly to your gate puts you in the best position to hear updates first, as it often takes time for new information to be updated across all airport information systems. Getting to your gate early is especially useful for flights without reserved seating, as being the first one on the plane enables you to choose a seat for the fastest exit.

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