A Complete Guide On How To Log In And Sign Up To GOLSN

March 18, 2021

Golsn is a local advertising and sales network website that sells with different categorizations in different parts dedicated to employment, housing, and things you want to sell or purchase. This commercial website is only available in the United States and allows you to place an ad there. The app involves browsing and searching, posting and managing ads, as well as the ability to add different features to your advertisements. Furthermore, the application is simple to install on any iOS or Android device.

Are you looking for a Golsn Signup or login guide? It is very easy to log into Golsn. To get to www.lsn.com, first go to the official Golsn website by typing https:www.lsn.com/ into your browser.

The guidelines for using the website are as follows:

  • Look to the top right of the website’s homepage once you have arrived there. Login and register are the two choices available. If you are a registered user, log in with your credentials. Otherwise, register to make a new account.
  • Once you’ve arrived at the registration page, fill in the necessary details. You’ll need to enter your zip code and email address. After that, pick a username for yourself. Make a password that is at least five characters long. Confirm the password by typing it again.
  • Accept the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policies, and then log.
  • After you have registered, log in with your credentials and browse through the website.
  • Enter your zip code or city name in the top left corner of the homepage.
  • Then, in the keyword field, type in your desired items to get filtered results.
  • Common categories are listed just below the search bar.
  • Common regions where the website is well-known are listed below the popular categories.

Forbidden Activities

Without Golsn express prior written permission, the following actions are not permitted:

  • If you are not located in the United States or are selling goods or services that are not available in the United States, you cannot position an advertisement.
  • You are placing an advertisement for any illegal products or services in your region to own, buy, sell, or bid.
  • You infringe on third-party rights, such as intellectual property rights (whether copyright, trademark, trade secret, or patent rights) and selling counterfeit goods.
  • Make false claims or misrepresent the existence, quality, or ownership of any products or services to mislead others.
  • Violation of laws and regulations relating to fair housing, equal work opportunities, or another form of housing or job discrimination.

Golsn does not allow advertisements that contain the following content, as well as advertisements for specific goods or services:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Academic aids such as test-taking services
  • Documents such as licenses, permits, identity cards, etc
  • Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Equipment
  • Endangered or protected species
  • Gambling or gambling devices
  • Tobacco products
  • Weapons such as firearms, tear gas, switchblade knives, stun guns, martial art weapons, etc

Photos are included in your ad packages and are a perfect way to display your item for sale. Some buyers offer higher priority to ads with more details. Only non-animated static images can be formatted as. JPEG files can be used. Image files must be under 1.5MB in size. We recommend that you resize your files before uploading them if you want to preserve their original proportions.

The pictures in a picture ad must be transparent and identifiable. The text in the Ad images must be readable. We reserve the right to reject ad photos that are of poor quality or blurry.

Finally, we hope you find the vetted information we have gathered for your use in answering your queries. Thousands of local buyers and sellers are linked via Golsn, the Southeast’s largest online marketplace. This platform also allows you to post free classified advertisements.

Access and manage your Golsn advertisements, saved favorites, account status, profile details, and expanded promotional resources with ease.

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