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Causes And Effects: Web Design For Social-Change Organizations

June 24, 2020

In today’s world social change can be encouraged by providing opportunities to a large number of organizations and individuals with the help of websites. These opportunities can include petition signing, several methods of making donations, giving information and facts etc.

Now it is possible to use social media to start and end the presence of the internet for a company requiring social change. Social media can be a Meetup group or a Facebook page. A standalone website may be required by the members of an organization as it starts growing. Now I will give you some tips for the websites to be designed and operated.

It Is Similar To Any Other Trade

If a website has to be designed for a for-profit trade then it will not be different from a site designed for activist organization. The aims of both will be common: Attracting the audience coming to your website, receiving the support of the audience by telling them the details of your company. For achieving it the website of your organization will require the following things:

  • A brand that is identifiable and consistent: Your website needs to deliver a good message, some graphic elements, a color scheme, a good feel and a consistent look so that it can occupy a unique place in the audience. Just putting unforgettable tag lines and attractive logos on your website is not sufficient.
  • Having a well written and compelling copy: There is a need to change the mind of the people if you want that your neighborhood or the whole world should be changed. We can say that you should have a copy that is well written, internally consistent and compelling also, so that it can convince the people with data, facts and solid arguments. The people who go along with you as well as the people who do not know what to do are all included in the target audience.
  • Your call to action should be very clear: You should ask from people if you need their support. It can be time, advertising, transportation, supplies, equipment or financial support. You should allow the visitors visiting your website to have a full knowledge of all your requirements. They must be able to sign up very easily. You have to make provisions for these.
  • Visitors should visit your website repeatedly: Your website should be designed in such a way that the visitors can not resist to visit it regularly. Information about the latest activities should always be given to the visitors coming to your website and for this reason the content present on your website should always remain updated. If old content is present on your website for a long time then people will not visit your website after a certain period of time. It is because people will no longer be interested to see the same old content again and again.
  • Navigation should be intuitive: Put that content on your website that visitors like to see so that whenever they visit your website, they try to see more and more content present on your web pages. This will help you in receiving their support.
  • Always remain connected with social media: Social media plays a very important role in your website. For delivering your message to a wide group of audience, a very good part is played by social media. The people can be connected to your website with the presence of social media.

Some Important Aspects Of Social Change Organizations

People normally think that the website of social change organizations is basically for earning a lot of money for a trade. Now we will consider some special things:

  • Inform the people about who is running the business: The people who visit your website should be informed about the people running the trade. It can be a single person, board of directors or a committee. You must inform the people about the things in which this group is expert. If the people are convinced that this group consists of people that are non-anonymous and real then they will support your business.
  • Make people to support you financially: You should ask the people to support you with money. You can use some websites like GoFundme and Kickstarter for the purpose of crowdfunding or you can use PayPal. Your web pages can include a link known as Donate Now.
  • There must be transparency: You should give information to the people about where their donated money is spent? Whether their money is spent for some other purposes or is it spent on the right work. You should give a detailed report to the people from where the donations are coming and where it is being used?
  • Tax deduction: If some people find that a deduction in the tax will be taken by them if they provide you money then they will be ready to do it. So, information about the tax status of the organization must be given on the website.

If you want to convert your website into beautiful domains then you can take the help of a responsive web design company. To impress your customers, it can include graphics and fluid images.

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