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Champion Strategy Holdings Reviews: Scam Or Legit?

September 13, 2023

In recent times, numerous individuals have reported receiving unsettling text messages, phone calls, and voicemails from a company known as Champion Strategy Holdings. These communications often pertain to alleged debts, leaving many recipients anxious and confused. This article delves into the world of Champion Strategy Holdings reviews to shed light on whether this company is legitimate or a possible scam.

Champion Strategy Holdings Overview

Champion Strategy Holdings, supposedly based in Atlanta, GA, claims to be a debt collection agency that assists both individuals and corporate entities in resolving outstanding debts. However, a significant number of complainants have emerged, asserting that they are unjustly accused of owing debts to Champion Strategy Holdings. The messages, calls, and voicemails they receive are frequently laced with threats and intimidation.

The individual behind these calls identifies herself as Michelle Lewis, who delivers a scripted message urging recipients to respond urgently to avoid dire consequences. This situation has understandably raised concerns among those contacted by Champion Strategy Holdings, leaving them to question the legitimacy of these debt-collection efforts.

Champion Strategy Holdings: A Scam Or Legitimate Debt Collector?

Based on online reports, Champion Strategy Holdings appears to lack the credibility of a legitimate debt collection agency. Several factors contribute to these suspicions:

  1. Lack of Transparency: The company’s website,, fails to provide substantial information about its operations and background.
  2. Vacant Office Address: The company claims an office address at ‘2302 Parkland Drive Atlanta, GA 30345,’ but investigations reveal that this location is currently vacant, casting doubt on the company’s physical presence.
  3. Resemblance to ASG Recovers: The company’s modus operandi closely resembles that of another debt collection agency, ‘ASG Recovers,’ which has faced legal action and cease-and-desist orders in California.
  4. Misleading Business Age: Despite claiming 30 years of operation, a domain checker tool reveals that the website ‘’ was registered in January 2020, raising questions about the company’s authenticity.

Given these findings, it appears likely that Champion Strategy Holdings is not a genuine debt collection agency and may have ties to questionable practices.

Received A Call From Champion Strategy Holdings? Take These Actions

If you have been contacted by this company, it’s crucial to take the following steps to protect your rights and financial well-being:

  1. Verify the Debt: Ensure that the debt amount mentioned corresponds to any legitimate debt you may owe. If uncertain, request detailed information about the debt.
  2. Contact the Original Creditor: If you acknowledge the debt, reach out to the original loan provider to discuss payment arrangements directly.
  3. Dispute the Debt: If you have no knowledge of the alleged debt, inform Champion Strategy Holdings that you dispute the claim.
  4. File a Complaint: Lodge a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or contact your state Attorney General’s office to report the situation.

Spotting Scam Debt Collectors In The Digital Age

To protect yourself from potential scams in the realm of debt collection, be vigilant and watch for these red flags:

  • The collector withholds crucial information.
  • Pressure tactics are employed to coerce you into making immediate payments through money transfers or card transactions.
  • Threats of legal action, including jail time, are used to intimidate you.
  • Calls are made at inconvenient times, violating your rights under debt collection regulations.

Final Word

In light of the information available, Champion Strategy Holdings appears to be far from a legitimate debt collection agency. Numerous individuals have reported receiving threatening communications about debts they may not owe. Regardless of how convincing these messages may seem, it is strongly advised not to provide money or personal information until the validity of the debt is verified through proper channels. Protect yourself by taking the necessary steps to confirm the legitimacy of any debt collection attempts, ensuring your financial security remains intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Champion Strategy Holdings legitimate?

There are doubts about its legitimacy due to factors like a lack of transparency and a vacant office address.

  1. What if I receive a call from Champion Strategy Holdings about an unknown debt?

Verify the debt, contact the original creditor, dispute if needed, and file a complaint with relevant authorities.

  1. How can I protect against scam debt collectors today?

Watch for red flags like withheld information, pressure for immediate payments, legal threats, and inconvenient calls. Verify a collector’s legitimacy before taking action.

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