Creating An Inspiring Home Office
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Creating An Inspiring Home Office

October 19, 2020

A good home office should be practical. It should give you everything you need to work well, including adequate storage, the tools and equipment that you need, a desk or workbench, and a supportive chair. However, it’s easy to find that your practical office that meets all of your workday needs is exceptionally boring and dull.

While you might think that a dull office minimizes distractions and helps you to focus on your work, this isn’t often the case. Many people, and certainly those who work in a creative profession, find that creating an office that inspires them, makes them feel more creative, and helps them let go of the office’s confines and work with flair and passion is actually far more beneficial. But, how do you create a home office that is both inspiring and practical?

Make Sure You’ve Got Space

Your office is for working in. Ideally, you’ll spend the working day there before leaving to enjoy time with the rest of your household. It doesn’t need things like a bed or a home gym. But, having a bit of space can be ideal. If possible, give yourself space away from the desk so that you can stretch out during the day. Adding a couch can also give you somewhere to take a break without breaking the flow of your workday by leaving the office.

Enjoy The View

We have a habit of facing our desks away from windows so that we sit facing into the room. But what could be more inspiring than nature? Point your chair at the window so that you can see outdoors whenever you look up from your work. This can help to boost your creativity and ease your stress.

Welcome In Nature

A view isn’t always possible or even pleasant, and even if it is, there’s never any harm in bringing in more nature and natural elements. Add colorful houseplants and fresh flowers, and work with wooden furniture. You could even add a small water feature.

Add Home Comforts & Personal Touches

Perhaps the best thing about working from home, whether all or some of the time, is that you are at home. Your house is where you should feel safe, happy, and comfortable, so don’t try to block this out while you are working. Use a code from to buy some soft home comforts, such as blankets and cushions for your office. Add photos of your family, artwork that you love, and personal items from the house too.

Allow Creativity

Often the best way to feel more creative is to encourage creativity. Make it easy for yourself to get in a creative mood by adding things that allow it. Add a canvas and paints, coloring books and pads, a notebook, and writing pens. Think about the creative pursuits you enjoy, whether they are related to your work or not, and welcome them into your home office.

Even if you work in the most boring job in the world, being inspired and being able to think creatively can make your days more enjoyable, help improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills and boost your energy levels. So, why not add some things that you find inspiring to your office today?

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