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How Blogging Can Help Your Ecommerce Business?

March 5, 2020

Whether you like it or hate it, blogging serves a vital role when talking about online business. It doesn’t matter how hard you have invested in Magento eCommerce Development, but if you are not having a blog, you are losing a major chunk of your potential revenue. It is the most cost-effective way to grab the attention of potential customers looking for the product or services you offer irrespective shape and size of your online business.

Setting up a blog won’t only help you in increasing your store’s online visibility, but it is a great tool to share critical information with the customers and connect with them. Still, wondering WHY blogging is needed for your online store? What is the point of investing in the Magento Blog extension for your business? Let’s try to help you with some amazing facts about how setting up a blog can be a great option.

Here are some facts to start with:

  • Businesses that are publishing content on regular intervals get 8 times more traffic.
  • Blogging can help you get 3 times more leads as compared to conventional marketing methods.
  • You can reduce the overall marketing cost by 60% if you use a blog for your business.

Let’s get into more detail about how blogging can help your online business.

1. It Helps You Rank Higher On The Google Search Engine!

Regularly feeding your online business with SEO-rich content is something that can greatly improve your google ranking. And that’s what you can achieve with blog extension. If you hire a Magento development company, they can help you with relevant keyword findings, Meta descriptions, Meta tags, and headings to organize your content for the blog. Moreover, blogging can help you generate backlinks. You can leverage this for your eCommerce Digital marketing strategy to get some amazing results.

2. It Helps You Establish Yourself As SME!

Having your own blog for the eCommerce business will greatly help you establish yourself as a subject matter expert in the industry. It helps you provide great insights about various information to your readers, customers, partners, and anyone associated with the industry you serve. This will help you gain trust from potential customers.

3. Boost Overall Customer Experience

People never like to follow highly decorated brands. The consumers are more interested in something that can provide a great experience to them. No matter how hard you have paid for Magento eCommerce Development Services or even if you hire Magento developer, you cannot create value for the customers. Only blogging can help you create value for the customers. This will at the end adds value to the overall customer experience for your online store.

4. Another Way To Gather Customer Information

Many business owners often use blogging as an effective alternative to collect useful customer information. If you check, there are business owners who capture the email address of the potential customers by asking them to subscribe to their blog posts or updates. This can be a great asset to the SEO and marketing funnel. The more touchpoints you have with the customers, the chances are higher for you to convert them into a permanent customer.

5. Leverage From Influencing Marketing

As a part of the content marketing strategy, you can leverage from influencing digital marketing. When you have a blog for your online store, you can get in touch with the influencer to review your product and write an interesting blog post about the product and company. This way you can greatly admire the customers. This is one of the hidden benefits that has been overlooked by many business owners.

6. Capture Consumer Feedback!

This is something, which you can never get even if you hire Magento developer or Magento Development Company! Yes, blogging can be a great weapon when it comes to gathering consumer feedback. With the help of comments or subscriptions, you can help potential customers to leave feedback about your business or products/services. This way you can easily adjust your digital marketing strategy based on the feedback received from the customers.

The Story Doesn’t End Here…

The pointers mentioned here are based on our own experience of setting up a blog. Therefore, we know how Magento 2 Blog Extension can be helpful in the eCommerce business. However, the benefits don’t stop here itself. It will help divert traffic to your online store and soon you can leverage from the great sales figures from your online store! Want to know how Magento Development Company can help you set up a blog for your eCommerce business? Get in touch with us now!

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