Erratas: The Word You’ll Certainly Regret Looking For

January 9, 2021

Erratas, often misspelled as ‘Eratas’ to prevent detection, is the name of an alleged computer algorithm said to perform data surveillance on anyone who searches for that specific word on the internet while leaving no evidence of its existence. Many people believe that the algorithm’s data is used by massive corporations like Google to create an A. A system can weed out humans, whereas others believe that its primary purpose is to remove copyright infringement from websites like YouTube. It also has the probability of being an Alternate Reality Game.

The mystery started with a post on the website 4chan by an anonymous user on November 26th, 2015, in which the user discusses a conversation he had with a woman he met. To condense a complicated explanation, the woman in the conversation used to work for a shady organization before her bosses assigned her and a co-worker to pack boxes with a tape gun one day. The tape gun she was assigned, on the other hand, had the word ‘Eratas’ written on it instead of the name on the department to which it belonged. Her co-worker, who had prior technical experience as a programmer, told her to toss the tape gun that anybody who looked up the word would be fired immediately. The theory gained traction when other 4chan users began posting related stories linked to Erratas in some way.

Chrono’s Story In Context

Chronos emphasizes his conviction that YouTube monitored and controlled his mother’s life in a video titled ‘YouTube is MONITORING and CONTROLLING my life.’ He claims that she had ‘uncovered’ secrets about the Jurassic Park film trilogy, which could harm many Universal Pictures employees’ jobs and lives. He examined his harassment assertion while also defending it by saying that his deceased mother’s ‘Jurassic Park Tribute’ video is incorrectly removed from YouTube due to copyright claims. Chronos is also said to be emotionally healthy and free of any mental illnesses. Chronos makes his mother’s fascination with the Jurassic Park films clear in the video, even noting that his mother used to eat Jurassic Park-branded sugary foods even though her doctor told her not to. The video’s low resolution and poor audio quality can be attributed to the creator’s desire to avoid detection by the Erratas algorithm.

After further examination of the ‘Here goes nothing’ video, internet users discovered that ‘200 Corbin KY 40219′ was identified as the address of a band called KFC Murder Chicks on the Bandcamp website. Many 4chan users looking into the mystery discovered that the members of KFC Murder Chicks were homeless females. Aside from that, DJ Rozwell is said to have produced the party. One of the band’s female members is also said to have worked in a factory. These findings seem to corroborate the story told in an anonymous 4chan user’s message in which the girl mentioned was also homeless and in a band. On the other side, mystery hunters found Tod Ellsworth’s Twitter and YouTube accounts, all of which seemed to be connected to Erratas somehow.

First and foremost, the Tod Ellsworth YouTube channel posted a video in November. First, with the word ‘Erratas or rusts’ written in the title. Keep in mind that the video had only been uploaded four days after the mystery first surfaced. While looking into it further, a now-defunct Twitter account with the same name was discovered, which revealed a plethora of ‘interesting details.’ There were three tweets on the account. One of them included a serial rapist’s police sketch from Maui, Hawaii. After a short time, the face depicted on the sketch became the Erratas mystery’s logo. It’s also worth noting that the Tod Ellsworth is an anagram of the term ‘The Lost World,’ the Jurassic Park movie title. Remember that Chronos’ mothered with the Jurassic Park franchise. Finally, Tod Ellsworth’s name is repeatedly listed in a KFC Murder Chicks song called ‘Get Shit Straight.’ The apparent ‘co-incidence has now been identified.


There is yet to be a concrete fix to the puzzle. Many people assume it was an ARG created by a new DJ (specifically, DJ Rozwell) to promote their music. In contrast, others believe it was a malicious algorithm. The Erratas mystery has since become a joke among 4chan users, and it is often used in a satirical manner. Why were the Tod Ellsworth Twitter account and the original 4chan thread (where the anonymous user first raised the mystery) deleted? Was Chronos For Life, an actual human, and if so, what happened to him? Until the end of time, these questions will most likely remain unanswered.


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