Expensive Place To Live In Colorado

What Is The Most Expensive Place To Live In Colorado?

January 6, 2021

Colorado offers its citizen a mixture of urban lifestyles with a cozy natural feeling. Whether you are a resident living here for a long time or an outsider who is about to get a one-way ticket to the state, you can pretty much enjoy your time with lots of fun and services. Especially the scenery of the mountains, forests, and sea beaches attracts new people always.

It is a wise idea to calculate your budget before making your move. You got to account for every big to minor stuff. There are pretty cheap cities and neighborhoods in Colorado. Then there are expensive places that very few afford to live in. If you are one of many who is looking for the expensive places of the Mountain State, then have a look at these places below-


Whether you look at Denver luxury apartments or some lavish houses, you will see that the cost is a lot higher than the national average. According to research, the average cost of a home in the Mile-High City is $426,200. Housing cost in Denver is around 84% higher than the median national. If you try to sum up the overall cost, it will be 28% higher than the national average.

This is even much in Cherry Creek or University. These neighborhoods have a median income that exceeds even $120,000. That’s a lot of zeros.


Having Mountain Sopris in the south, Carbondale delivers great amenities to its people. Nestled in Garfield Country, the town has its natural beauty from the lush green ground and the Fork River. But this led the place to have a pretty high cost of leaving. With a population of 6,785, this town has a median home cost of $496,300 and a rental rate of $1,747. Meanwhile, the average income is $81,012 here.


Another amazing neighborhood in Colorado is Golden. It was formerly a town with a catchy name, Gold Rush. There are just lots of things to do and see in this city. It is filled with cultural centers and epic dining places. Two famous museums called the Colorado Railroad Museum and the Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum, are situated here. The people here earn $72,349 on average. Meanwhile, a median housing unit costs $522,200. It is the 7th expensive place in Colorado.


Situated just west of Downtown Denver, Avon is like a luxurious resort that attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you like nature and animals, you got to visit this place at least once. The environment here is packed with fresh air from Lake Reservoir and a picturesque view of the Walking Mountain. Have some expensive rides by boat on Nottingham Lake. Having around 6,539 residents, a housing unit here values around $477,900 during 2021 with an average rental rate of $1,401.


When looking at the cost of living for any city, many of us usually feel like it is just too much. But you got to account for the things that they are offering to its people. Normally amazing amenities attract people, especially riches. Thus, a place gets expensive. If you are ready to spend some money and get a luxurious home, it is advised to choose one of these places. Check out Tiburon apartments for affordable apartments for rent in Tiburon, CA

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