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How To Sprint Into 2021 With Great Digital Infrastructure

January 4, 2021

Remote working is the new normal. This much you know – and it’s not likely to change back any time soon. For most businesses adapting to the changes brought about by 2020, there’s been a certain hodge-podge acceptance that things have to adapt – but no real strategy behind that adaptation. There have been changes, but they might not have been optimal for the productivity of your business. In this article, we’ll peel back the layers to look at how you can rejig your software to spring more efficiently into 2021 – with less superfluous software weighing you down.

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Your digital infrastructure may once have looked like a simple set of plumbing, but now it’s probably a little more abstract than that. You’ll now have cloud-based apps and server-based apps; business devices and personal devices – and they’ll all be muddled up and overlapping, doubling up some of the services you need in some places, and leaving gaps in others. You’ll only know how to change your digital infrastructure once you’ve had a good long look at it – and that’s what you’ll get from an audit. Look out for:

  • Duplicated services and tools. You only need them once.
  • Areas where you may feel that your cybersecurity is weak or inadequate.
  • Types of software that you feel are missing, which – if added – would bring huge productivity boosts to your firm.
  • You’re aware that out of date software has been updated, improved, or overtaken by a rival.

In all of these cases, your job is to replace or buy in new software to make your infrastructure more robust for 2021.


You may find that the above steps are difficult to take on your own. If you’re a relatively small business, you might find that you’re incredibly busy with tasks and duties – and you simply don’t have the time to perform the research required to learn which software solutions would work best for your firm. This, then, would fall into the category of work you ought to outsource.

Thankfully, there are plenty of clarity-providing experts at hand to talk to. INFINIT Consulting, Inc. operate a wonderful tech consulting service to help you maintain and upgrade your digital stack – so you don’t have to do all the legwork and heavy lifting on your own.


Often, the argument in the digital world is to “move fast and break things.” That motto may have inspired the rise of Facebook and Amazon’s likes, but it also resulted in businesses being a little too tied up in the technology they use. You can certainly have too much tech in your stack – to the extent that you’re riding trends, and not surfing on the best software available at any one time.

When you next change your stack, make sure you’re thinking about how you can augment your existing software. What will bring real value to the lives of your employees?

These key prompts will help you audit your business’ tech stack, get advice on new software, and augment that software in the coming year.

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