Essential Survival Gear

Essential Survival Gear For The Open Road

January 22, 2021

If you often find yourself lost in the tranquility and the unpredictable rush of nature’s vast open planes, or if you simply want to take preemptive measures to protect yourself against the unknown, it might be worth considering a few essential pieces of gear to help you on your way.

Here are some items to consider investing in to best prepare you for the journey ahead:

A Multi-Tool Knife

If you do not already have one, investing in a reliable knife that sports a range of various implements is an essential part of your survival collection. Victorinox knives are a classic design and have stood the test of history. You might find it beneficial to seek out a model of knife that houses the various tools you might need on a regular basis.

There are many different styles of multi-tool knives, so it may be useful to do some research into which models work best for you as an individual.

Survival Watches

Over the course of history, watch technology has advanced tremendously in terms of durability and overall functionality. A decent survival watch can offer you a whole host of useful services, such as GPS navigation, thermometers, weather forecast capabilities, and of course, the time to an incredibly accurate degree.

For some extremely valuable information about which make to consider purchasing, you can check out Ready and Armed’s blog content about best survival watch.

Waterproof Emergency Bag

Getting caught in a storm or capsizing in a kayak is no fun, even less so when your emergency provisions become ruined through extensive water damage.

Investing in a durable and comfortable waterproof bag can ensure that your perishable goods and sensitive electronic gear stay safe and secure, whatever the elements have in store.

Fire-Starting Capabilities

It may be the case that sometimes a simple lighter or a packet of matches just will not do the trick, especially if you find yourself having to build a fire on particularly damp ground or with insufficient kindling.

Luckily there are tools that can provide you with a reliable means of making a fire whenever you might need it. This can be useful if you are in a hurry and need to get a fire up and running as quickly as possible.

You might want to consider a portable fire starter device, if you want to make use of a highly portable, space-saving tool for your fire starting needs.

A Reliable Source Of Light

Getting caught without light can be an immensely precarious position to be in and can be harmful if you manage to get lost somewhere far off the track.

Investing in a flashlight and carrying spare batteries in your essentials bag can stop you from stumbling around in the dark without a hope of which direction to go in.

You may even want to consider purchasing a flashlight that you can fix to your head to allow you that extra balance and dexterity should you need it.

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