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Food Safety: 6 Tips To Avoid Getting Sick During Vacation In 2020

February 11, 2020

Consuming the right kind of food is necessary to stay healthy and disease-free. Hygiene is the most crucial factor when it comes to food safety. Foods that are prepared using hygienic procedures need to be consumed. The vacation season has arrived and you need to stay fit and healthy. But the majority of sickness happens due to different foods we consume during the vacation period. The majority of health problems occur due to unhealthy and unsafe food. Food poisoning is a big issue and you need to take the right steps to prevent it from happening. Here are a few food safety tips to follow that may prevent you from getting sick during vacation:

1. The Importance Of Washing Hands Properly

Whether you are going to prepare or consume a portion of food, washing your hands properly with mild soap and warm water is highly recommended. After washing, dry your hands properly before handling the food, raw or cooked. This is the basic part of maintaining food hygiene.  If you are participating in an online food handling course, the importance of handwashing will be given more attention.

2. The Use Of Separate Chopping Boards

It may seem to be the least important of many people but when it comes to maintaining food safety and hygiene, you must use separate chopping boards for preparing raw foods like fish and meat. The reason behind this is that raw foods usually contain bacteria and other germs and using the same chopping board for ready to eat foods will result in contamination and it can contaminate them as well… Any online food handling course will emphasize the use of separate chopping boards for raw and ready to cook foods because they want to become people aware of this fact. So, next time when you’ll cook raw foods makes sure to use separate chopping boards and also wash them properly with warm water.

3. Washing The Raw Vegetables, Fish, And Meat Properly

Prior to cooking, it is mandatory to wash raw vegetables, meat, and fish items. In fact, rice and lentils also need to be washed properly before cooking to clean the dirt and residue present inside. Washing these items in warm water is a better alternative to eliminate germs properly. Due to the use of fertilizer, raw vegetables need to be washed properly in warm water thoroughly. It really helps to remove the dirt and illness-causing bacteria.

4. Washing The Utensils Properly

Yes, Washing utensils properly is another crucial part of the process to safeguard your health while consuming food. Whenever using any utensil, wash it thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure no soap residues are present in there. There are special dishwashing soap bars and liquid available in the market. Make sure to use proper resources to keep your utensils clean and free from any problem causing germs.

5. Cooking The Food Properly

What is the proper cooking of food? If you are part of any online food handling course you will get to know that proper cooking refers to the way a portion of food is being prepared. How well the food is being cooked before it becomes eligible for consuming is something to be focused on. When cooking meat items, make sure they are cooked properly and thoroughly, leaving no pink areas within. As far as the choice of oil is concerned about cooking, try using Canola, Olive, or Sunflower oil. But make sure you pick them pure form, not the refined ones. The purest form of oil will retain all their health benefits while the refined versions don’t and hence can be non-beneficial to health.

6. Avoid Any Food That Has An Unusual Odour, Colour Or Texture

It must have happened to you many times that the food that you are going to consume doesn’t feel look or smell right and your instincts are telling you that you shouldn’t consume that food but you still consume it and fall sick. Well, you should have trusted your instincts.  It’s very important to thoroughly check each food item before consuming it. Make sure whatever you are going to consume is fresh and hygienic.

Final Words

The quality of food that we consume determines the quality of our life. Maintaining good food hygiene is a very crucial part of healthy living. Follow the above tips to ensure better food safety and stay away from foodborne diseases. Also, control yourself from consuming too much deep-fried and processed foods because it can also affect your health and immune system. Eat healthily, think healthy and stay healthy. This is a necessary part of healthy living. Join an online food handling course to learn about different ways to healthy eating and cooking. This is essentially required to prevent food poisoning and staying healthy during vacation and your whole life.

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