Getting Around Calgary

Getting Around Calgary

May 15, 2024
According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Calgary is the fifth most livable city in North America. The city’s residents enjoy a high standard of living, sunny weather, stunning scenery, and better-than-average salaries. If you plan to move to Calgary soon, it’s essential to understand how you’ll get around. The city is quite spread out, so travelling for work, school, shopping, and visiting friends will become part of your everyday life. It’s worth researching how easy it is to move between the residential areas you are considering and downtown. Let’s take a look at the transport system in Calgary.

By Car

Owning a car has several advantages; you can get anywhere you want without limitation. However, downtown Calgary has heavy traffic, and parking comes at a price. Although parking is often cheaper or even free after 6 p.m., if you drive to work daily, you will have to factor in these costs.

By C-Train

The C-Train service offers the fastest way to get around Calgary. It is primarily overground, with two lines, red and blue, joining in the downtown area. Trains run very frequently, and the system serves all of the most populated neighbourhoods. Depending on usage, you can buy single-journey, day or monthly passes.

By Bus

With more than 150 bus routes across Calgary serving all areas, buses are an excellent option for easy transportation. An app called Transit is available to ensure you are constantly updated about the buses. Single tickets can be bought on the bus with cash, or day or month passes can be purchased by card in advance.

By Bike

The healthy way to travel around Calgary is by bicycle. There is a network of bike lanes along major routes throughout the city, and bike hiring and sharing schemes are available. Push scooters are also becoming a popular mode of transport, especially in finer weather.

By Taxi Or Uber

As with any major city, there’s an impressive taxi and Uber service on hand for those trips late at night or when you need quick convenience. Taxis are distinctive yellow and black checkers that can be booked via an app.

By Plane

Knowing where the nearest airport is is always good so you can get out of town for vacations or work trips. Calgary International Airport is to the northeast of the city and you can get there in around 20 minutes by car or taxi. The 300 bus route gets you between the airport and downtown in 30 minutes, so a quick getaway is incredibly easy.

Final Thoughts

A move to Calgary is filled with exciting new opportunities. Make the most of everything this amazing city has to offer by understanding how to move around for commuting, leisure activities and entertainment. The Calgary transit system has much to offer residents, and it is fairly good value too. If you choose to live outside the downtown area, as most people do, then make sure you learn where the nearest bus route and C-Train service is and how long the journey will take. Easy transportation around the city will make your new life in Calgary all the more enjoyable.

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