Has COVID19 Driven People To Drink More

Has COVID19 Driven People To Drink More?

March 30, 2021

The COVID19 outbreak brought with it a major disruption to our daily life. The fear, uncertainty of potential health risks, job loss, isolation, etc., have left people searching for an escape route. The key findings paint a clear picture of people turning to alcohol to cope with the situation.

And, the alcohol problems during the current pandemic crisis may rock your assumptions-

  • According to a study published in JAMA Network, Open, alcohol consumption has increased by 14% compared to the previous year. Out of these 14%, 17% are women.
  • There has been a 41% increase in heavy drinking in women.
  • At the beginning of the pandemic, alcohol sales increased by 54%.
  • More and more people turned to alcohol to cope with the global crisis that has killed millions of people.
  • Parents with children below 18 in the home chose to drink more to cope with the stress.

Can Alcohol Help?

Though people are likely to drink during times of stress or uncertainty, any increase in alcohol consumption is a concern. Also, when the pandemic outbreak, many people around the globe experimented with remedies, including drinking, in order to fight against the virus.

But, the World Health Organization dispelled the myth that alcohol helps prevent COVID19. They warned that increased alcohol use could put you at risk of getting infected by COVID19 as it affects the body’s immune system. Thus, the only way alcohol can help is by frequently washing your hands with alcohol-based sanitizers.

Then, what can you do to stay sober during the pandemic? Look for addiction treatment near me. While the virus is on everyone’s mind, alcohol and drug overdose are destroying the families. If you are struggling to get sober, you can start your journey today!

Is Las Vegas Drug Rehab Still Open?

Yes! Since it is an essential service, you can receive addiction treatment in Las Vegas even during a pandemic. The risk of alcohol or drug overdose, withdrawal symptoms can be more dangerous for some people than the coronavirus. Thus, the medical professionals in drug rehab in Las Vegas are there to help the community during these tough times.

Is It Safe To Go To Detox Centers In Las Vegas Despite The Pandemic?

Las Vegas alcohol rehab takes proper preventative measures to make sure that their facilities remain COVID-free. In addition, the alcohol rehab in Louisville tests all the patients for infection, comply with social distancing guidelines, and ensures that they have enough supply of masks, sanitizers. Thus, alcohol rehab is completely safe.

Still Worried About Going To Rehab?

You may think that now isn’t the right time to worry about addiction. However, if you or your loved one is struggling with an alcohol overdose, now is always the right time to start the recovery process. When you are stuck inside the home, stress, and isolation can worsen the situation. Why not take the government’s stay-in-home orders as a way to break free from the chains of addiction.

You may not have been able to get alcohol rehab treatment before the pandemic due to work, social life, guilt, or other reasons. However, now you have time and opportunity to improve yourself and stay sober. Thus, if you have an endeavor to overcome an alcohol or drug abuse, medical detox in Las Vegas is there to provide you with high-quality treatment even during the pandemic.


COVID19 is taking a toll on humankind. An increase in alcohol or drug abuse can make the situation worse. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction or withdrawal symptoms, talk to the addiction treatment in Las Vegas near you and know how you can get started.

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