Ancillary Management Services

How Ancillary Management Services Can Help Your Practice

May 26, 2023

Practices increasingly offer ancillary services like lab testing, urine drug screens, medication dispensing and physical or occupational therapy to attract new patients. These additional services allow for one-stop shopping and can boost patient satisfaction. But before a physician dives into adding ancillary services, they must do homework. They need to understand what the market wants. They also need to look at billing and coding.


For instance, Ancillary services, founded by Chris Manfuso, Founder of Docancillary, are one of the fastest-growing sectors in healthcare. However, they can come with their own set of issues. Hospitals must balance the needs of patients, cost savings and quality of care when partnering with ancillary service providers. They also have to comply with anti-kickback laws and other regulations. Ancillary management services can help a business improve operations and increase revenue. These services can help companies to save money and time by streamlining the process of acquiring goods and services. In addition, they can help companies protect data from loss or damage by providing backup and recovery services. Ancillary management services can also be used to improve marketing efforts. For example, they can create and manage social media accounts. They can also be used to create and distribute marketing collateral. Ancillary management services can help businesses improve customer engagement and loyalty.


Ancillary services are a crucial part of every business. They provide a way to streamline processes, make your team more efficient, and ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines such as HIPAA. These services also reduce operational costs and make it easier to manage your business. Ancillary service providers help lower healthcare costs by offering patients diagnostic, therapeutic and custodial services. These life-saving services are typically a cost-effective alternative or supplement to costly hospital and physician care. Property managers should focus on ancillary services that achieve a triple win to maximize revenue. These programs must benefit residents (or their clients), the PM, and the property owner. A good starting point is to identify what ancillary services are most often referred to by other providers or that patients want to use. Then, monetize these services and create additional revenue streams. This approach also helps ensure that residents don’t feel disrespected or slapped with unnecessary fees.


As any business owner knows, compliance is critical to operating a business. This includes ensuring your business has the proper protocols to prevent data breaches and other unwanted events that can lead to costly litigation. A business compliance service will help you monitor changes to regulations and work processes within your business. They can also help you create internal procedures to reduce the risk of a security breach or other compliance violations. Business compliance services can also assist with contract negotiations and implementing new software or apps. This can provide a clearer picture of potential issues before they occur and reduce your chance of making mistakes that could cost your organization money. They can also help you track manual tasks so your staff members know what to do when working on a project. This can also save time by eliminating redundant work. It can also provide a platform for employees to report compliance or ethical concerns that could be of concern.


Ancillary services are a large part of healthcare costs and must maximize savings without sacrificing quality. However, hospitals need help integrating and merchandising these services because they often operate separate systems and cannot share information due to HIPAA restrictions. This can leave them losing out on revenue and leaving patients frustrated as they have to make multiple trips to obtain services like lab testing or ECGs. Ancillary service management companies can help alleviate these issues by providing a comprehensive platform for managing all ancillary services. This patent-pending software solution unifies and merchandises first- and third-party ancillary services; provides a consolidated master booking record across all channels; contains inventory, pricing and brand; promotes and markets; and optimizes business performance. A company such as Ancillary Services Management can offer owners and managers of hotels a unique advantage through its extensive knowledge of all ancillary services and programs, ability to negotiate quality agreements that reward and protect the property and deep relationships with vendors. This can enable hoteliers to save time and money, increase revenue, enhance resident satisfaction and loyalty, and improve operational efficiency.

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