Improve Teamwork In The Office

How To Improve Teamwork In The Office

January 12, 2021

As a manager or business owner, one of your job’s key parts is to ensure that all of your staff work well together. Teamwork is vital for pretty much every company and in every industry, enabling employees to be productive and efficient and your business goals to be achieved. So how do you take a diverse group of individuals and turn them into an effective team? Here are some top tips.

Have A Clear Purpose, Roles, & Goals

In order to function as a successful team, it’s important that every member understands the purpose of their work, their role in the team, and the overall goals that they are trying to achieve. Not only is this good for employee motivation, but it also helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and working together in the most efficient way – after all, it’s hard to be at your most productive when you’re not sure what you’re meant to be doing or why!

Lead By Example

Good teamwork starts at the top. By making sure that managers and other high-level players are demonstrating excellent teamwork, you make it more likely that entry-level workers will too. This is partly by showing what is expected of them and partly by instilling a feeling that everyone is indeed part of the same team. It’s also essential that bosses don’t micromanage their staff, as this reduces trust, leads to low morale, and prevents people from performing to the best of their abilities.

Communicate Regularly

Communication is at the heart of excellent teamwork. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas, working on problems together, or giving feedback, if people don’t communicate with each other, then they will struggle to work as a cohesive team. Talk to your employees to see what kind of communication methods they prefer, and try to utilize a mixture of face to face meetings (or video conferencing for remote workers) and messaging platforms such as Slack or your teams Slack alternative.

Recognize & Reward Excellence

Recognizing employee contributions is a great way to make people feel more valued, put in more effort at work, and enjoy higher job satisfaction levels. So if you want to boost your staff teamwork, recognize and reward those who are doing a good job. This could be through a financial bonus, extra vacation days, a mention in a company-wide email, or just a personal word of thanks in person. They’re sure to appreciate it.

Do Something Fun Together

There are all sorts of team-building exercises that you can get your employees to do, but often the best way to get people working together effectively is by making it fun. Try holding informal outings, as this tends to make people feel more comfortable – for example, going out to lunch, having a cooperative board game event, or tackling a local escape room together. It’s recommended to make these voluntary and light-hearted, and also to steer well clear of potentially embarrassing icebreakers or other silly tasks – these are likely to have the exact opposite effect to the one you’re hoping to achieve!

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