Laser Dentistry Better Than Traditional Dental Treatments
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Is Laser Dentistry Better Than Traditional Dental Treatments?

March 18, 2024

Our smiles are one of the first things people notice when they meet us. It is, therefore, unsurprising that many people consider different treatments to enhance their smiles. Some undergo these treatments to improve oral health issues such as cavities and tooth decay. Traditional dental treatments have existed since the dawn of dentistry, but technological advancements now mean laser cosmetic dentistry is becoming more mainstream. Both options have distinct advantages and disadvantages, but could laser cosmetic dentistry be better?

Minimally Invasive Advantage

One of the most talked about advantages of laser cosmetic dentistry is how minimally invasive it is. These treatments use a beam of highly concentrated light energy for procedures like teeth whitening and hardening bonding materials in the case of fillers.

Because these lasers are highly directional and can be guided precisely, a dentist can target specific areas precisely. They can whiten teeth without affecting the gums or remove and reshape tissue more precisely than they could using scalpels and drills.

Reduced Discomfort

The equipment used in traditional dental treatments vibrates and can cause discomfort that is amplified depending on the patient’s severity. Comparing laser cosmetic dentistry vs traditional treatment, the latter does not produce heat or vibrations, leading to reduced discomfort and a much better experience for the patient.

A frenectomy (removal of the tissue connecting the tongue or lips to the gums) is a common procedure that benefits greatly from laser technology. The precision and control of a laser minimize bleeding, thereby reducing discomfort.

Sterilization & Reduced Risk Of Infection

The mouth has bacteria that can cause serious issues if they enter the bloodstream or get below the enamel. Lasers sterilize the area of focus during dental procedures, reducing the risk of infections. The instruments used in traditional dentistry treatment do not do this, presenting a higher risk of infection.

Also, the laser beam can cauterize or seal blood vessels during procedures, further lowering the risk of infection.

The Benefits Of Precision & Control

Because lasers provide dentists with greater precision and control, they minimize the risk to healthy tooth structure. This ensures few to no issues arise following the treatments. Lasers also lead to less tissue disruption, leading to quicker healing times.

A Case For Traditional Dental Treatments

Although laser treatments have numerous advantages, they should not lead patients to dismiss traditional treatments completely. A strong case for going for traditional dental treatments is cost. Traditional dental treatments are often cheaper than their laser alternatives. The reason is that the laser technology is somewhat novel and this factors into its cost.

Another case of traditional treatments is that they are a proven option for numerous procedures. Dentists have used these treatments, techniques, and procedures for decades, and have produced excellent results in that time. They are proven options in multiple areas, even though they do not come with the benefits laser treatments do.

Both laser cosmetic dentistry procedures and traditional treatments have their merits. They can be applied in largely the same situations, but you should always talk to your dentist about your cosmetic goals, concerns, and situation so they can recommend the option that is best for you and a beautiful and healthy smile.

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