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Top 3 Signs You Need A New Roof

May 30, 2022

The most obvious sign of a need for a new roof is a hole in the roof. Other interior signs include moisture patches in the attic or sunlight penetrating the roof. If one of these signs describes your home, it’s time to schedule an inspection. Below are five of the most common signs that you need a new roof. Take action now!

Moss On The Roof

When moss grows on your roof, you need a new roof. Moss can be dead, but some species can survive without water. You should contact a professional to remove it. You should also be aware of the limited warranty on your roof. If you can’t get rid of the moss on your own, call a roofer to assess your roof.

Moss can compromise the underlayment or decking under your shingles. If the moss is particularly thick and covers the entire roof, it can affect the integrity of the underlayment, which will interfere with the function of the new shingles. Moreover, the moss will not die immediately, which increases the chance of your roof bursting. In addition, the moss itself can eat away at your shingles, causing the decking to deteriorate.

If you don’t want to hire a roofer to remove the moss, you can try to use a bleach and water mixture to kill the moss. Nevertheless, you should be careful because the solution could kill your plants and foundation plantings. As a precaution, it’s best to stay on a ladder throughout the process and use an extension ladder with a roof standoff.

Sagging Roofline

If your roofline sags, it’s a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. It can cause the roof to cave in. A roof inspection with a qualified roofing professional will be able to pinpoint issues and may recommend roof replacement St Charles county mo.

Moreover, if the sagging part of your roofline begins to become uneven, it indicates that your trusses or rafters need to be repaired. If you notice that some shingles turn outwards or buckle, you must fix them immediately. You should also replace your old shingles if you notice this problem. In some cases, rotting roof sheathing could also cause the sagging of the roof.

Your roofline is sagging because it indicates your foundation is causing problems. If your home was built on shaky soil, it’s likely to experience settlement. Therefore, you should schedule a roof inspection as soon as you notice. Otherwise, it’s too late.

Bouncy Or Spongy Feel To The Roof

A spongy or bouncy feel to the roof is often the first sign of water damage or rotted decking. If the roof appears to be spongy and bouncy, look for signs of moisture or daylight creeping in between roof boards. It might also be time for a new roof. It may also be the sign that inadequate attic ventilation is the cause of the spongy roof. Water can collect in roof valleys and cause the shingles to sag.

Many Phoenix houses have inadequate rafter and decking support. Spongy shingles and thinner decking between rafters were acceptable under old construction rules. As a result of these flaws, the roof was bouncy and spongy. This is especially likely to happen if the house was built before the 1990s. If the spongy feel is limited to a particular area, there is a good chance that the roof has water damage.

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