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Uphold Your Antique Kitchen Cabinets With These 5 Great Door Styles

April 6, 2020

A piece of furniture that is antique in nature brings with it a timeless appeal in your home. And with the advent of kitchen cabinets, having this appeal in a kitchen has turned out to be a lot easier.

However, having a timeless cabinetry is not the end of your endeavor to achieve the timeless look. There are other ways in which you can do this. And one of the most prominent ways to do this is the cabinet door style. The door is the gateway of access to your cabinetry. Thus, it is only natural that you would want it to have an attractive and unique appearance that sets it apart.

In this blog, we shall be talking about how opting for unique door styles, be it for your antique white kitchen cabinets or walnut kitchen cabinets, can be used to uphold the timeless look further.

Moreover, a different cabinet door style certainly ads to a kitchen’s uniqueness in space and décor. Thus, a door ceases to be just a means to access your kitchen essential and turns into a piece of kitchen art.

Here are 5 door styles for your antique kitchen cabinetry:

1. Curved Doors

One of the most famous antique door styles ever, curved doors have a look that reminds us of the old 18th century cellars. They have represented luxury and royalty for ages and now they are again making a comeback in the household, especially in the kitchen décor.

Perfect for kitchen corners, curved doors provide for a great show, especially when you have walnut cabinets. It adds to the overall charm of the warm walnut color representative of the vintage times. This is also a great way to flank the entryway to your kitchen. One will certainly feel like entering a castle or a luxurious palace.

2. Multi-Panel Doors

In this case, you can either have a panel that gives way to a shape, which is more like a pyramid bulging outwards but in line with the door’s surface. Or, you can have shaker style recessed panels that are just recessed. Either way, panels are just the perfect accent for an antique style cabinetry due to its held-back yet elegant look. This door style, due to its stylish nature, goes great with white kitchen cabinets. While the white color adds to the sober look, the panels act as the perfect touch of design without being over-the-top. The best thing is you can even play with the design.

For example, for your upper wall cabinets, you may have the top row cabinets all in glass panels with lights fixtures inside them. This calls for a great show. There are literally numerous panel shapes you can choose from. Panels help a lot in giving an antique kitchen its uniqueness.

3. Two-Tone Doors

Two-tone doors uplift the antique quality of a kitchen considerably. Colors like white and walnut provide for a great show. This can be used as a very significant antique kitchen detail. Think of this, you have all your cabinetry doors in white and white kitchen cabinet design, other than the cabinet design for your kitchen sink or oven section that has a walnut cabinetry and more importantly, a walnut door. Wouldn’t it be great? It certainly would. It adds the perfect contrasting character to your kitchen while upholding the antiqueness in a whole new way.

4. Glass Doors

This style is perhaps one of the best-looking antique styles there can be. Glass allows you to provide a see-through effect to your cabinetry along with one of sleek design. Opting for glass doors, be it for your white antique kitchen cabinets or modern walnut cabinets, helps you turn your kitchen into no less than a masterpiece.

As far as kitchen cabinetry is concerned, glass in itself has a vintage quality of its own. And when it is used to design the doors, a new masterpiece emerges.

There are lots of choices to opt form, including:

Leaded Glass Doors: Leaded carvings on the glass door.

Glass Door Muntins: Muntins are wooden bars separating adjacent panes of glass. Available in lots of shapes, geometric and curved.

Arched Glass Doors: As the name suggests, these doors have arched frames that give the perfect appearance of a kitchen from the vintage periods.

Tall Glass Doors: More of a structural addition that one of looks, height was a fundamental quality of vintage architecture. So, opting for these certainly adds a vintage appeal.

A great way to showcase the glass cabinetry is by installing light fixtures inside them. This even allows you to uphold your exquisite collection of pots and cups.

5. Metal Mesh Door Panels

A type of paneling that is more often opted for a larger door surface area, a metal mesh is the most modern antique touch you can have in your antique white kitchen cabinets. The structure involves a “metal mesh” that is mounted over a mirrored door.

The look provides texture and allows you to stash and store whatever you want inside them. The best thing about them is that they are available in various degrees of tightness. If you want to have a pattern that provides for a more transparent look, go for spacious one rather than a tight one.

Additional Details

Other than the 5 above-mentioned styles, a great door style that is also slowly gaining prominence is reeded details. As the word “reed” suggests, as it is in a harmonica, it provides a much muted design that is elegant and subtle. They are available in various shapes based on what you want for your walnut cabinets or antique white kitchen cabinets. While more suited to lower cabinetry, they can also be used in upper cabinets with numerous styles to choose from.

These 5 glass styles are the perfect options for both antique white kitchen cabinets and walnut kitchen cabinets. All you have to do is go for the one that suits your kitchen décor better than the rest. So start your research now and opt for companies that offer high-quality services and have good reviews online.

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