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How To Connect To Cockatrice & Play Magic

April 3, 2020

Cockatrice is a multiplatform program that allows users to play card games over a network. The server does not let any user manipulate the game to gain an unfair advantage over others. You can also play single-player game mode on Cockatrice.

Cockatrice is also a Magic: The Gathering game simulator. Using Cockatrice, you can play Magic with your friends online with the cards you own in reality. Also, many gamers use live streaming platforms to share their gaming experience with viewers live.

Let’s see how to start playing Cockatrice MtG with your friends.

1. Download & Install Cockatrice

Woogerworks run Cockatrice, and you can download it from their website on the right bar. You will have to install two applications, Oracle and Cockatrice. You need both as Cockatrice runs the game, and Oracle updates the cards.

2. Make An Account On The Server

First of all, you will have to register yourself and make an account on the game server. Make sure you remember your login details as there are no account recovery options. Write it down somewhere or save the details on your phone.

3. Run The Card Database & Update It 

Then, you will have to open Opera and update the card database. The updater will show you a few steps with pre-filled information. Just keep hitting next throughout it, and you will see a successful update of the card database at the end of it.

4. Create Your Deck

After updating your card database, you can run Cockatrice MtG and click on New Deck on the menu. To start playing online, you will need one pre-made deck, so create your own deck.

5. Signing Into The Game Server

After you create your deck and enter it, you will need to sign into the server of the game. Run Cockatrice, and in the menu, click on the Connect button. Check that the host is, and the port should always be 4747 to play the game.

To sign in, you need to put in the Player Name and Password that you made while creating your account on the game server.

6. Find Your Friends & Add Them

Although it is a bit tricky to find your friends in CockatriceMtG, it is not difficult. After signing in, you will see multiple tabs in the Cockatrice client. Open Chat Rooms and slide to the right side of the screen. Then you have to keep scrolling through the user list until you see your friends’ name.

Your friends should also be signed in to the game to be visible in the chat room. Right click on the name and select ‘Add to Buddy list’.

7. Join Your Friends & Start Playing

In the Chat Rooms tab, click on the create button and select the option which says only buddies can join. Your friend then needs to right click on your name and select ‘show this user’s game’.

When your friend enters the game room, you both can choose your decks and begin playing Cockatrice MtG together.


Anyone who wants to play Magic: the Gathering with friends can follow the steps in the above guide and easily start playing in no time. So create your account now and start having fun.

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