What Can Affect Your Energy Levels

What Can Affect Your Energy Levels?

December 4, 2020

It is not uncommon to wake up feeling drained, or to slump through the day. If you’re feeling tired, sluggish or fatigued, it can be hard to complete your daily tasks. Here are some things that can affect your body’s energy levels.

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What you put into your body affects how it performs. Food and drink that is high in refined carbohydrates will give you a small rush after eating, but this quickly fades, and you may feel yourself slumping again. Slow-release foods such as sweet potatoes, kale and nuts leave you feeling fuller for longer, and steadily release energy throughout the day. It may be tempted to reach for a sugary energy drink, but the effect will be short-lived, and you will benefit far more from a drink as simple as water, to rehydrate your body and keep it running smoothly.


Vitamin supplements are great to complement a healthy diet and exercise routine. There are plenty of varieties for lots of different things, but a few of the main vitamins that contribute towards energy levels and fighting fatigue include magnesium, vitamin D, iodine and vitamin B-12. Vitamin D, for example, is most commonly received through sunlight, but this method may not fit in with your busy daily routine, the weather, or other issues, so taking it in vitamin supplement form is a good way to receive the nutrients your body needs.


A solid sleep schedule is essential for having enough energy during the day. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to switch off and maintain this routine. Whether this is due to working hours, family, screen time or something else, there are some small changes you can make to help you fall asleep easier. Turning off all screens a few hours before you want to sleep is a good way to wind down. The blue light from the screen affects with melatonin production in the brain, which is the hormone that regulates sleep. Try reading a book or listening to an audiobook, instead of that last episode or email.


Melatonin is created by the body, but can also be taken as a supplement to boost the natural levels. Many other hormonal imbalances can cause feelings of fatigue and loss of energy. For example, low testosterone levels can affect your energy and mood, among many other things, so it is a good idea to get a testosterone test if you think this may apply to you. Hormones are responsible for so many of your body’s processes, so low energy levels are a common symptom of hormonal imbalances.

These are a few things that can affect your body’s energy levels, and this is not medical advice. It is essential to consult your doctor if you have low energy levels, or even if you feel that something is not right. They will be able to diagnose and put you on the best course of treatment to get you feeling like your old self.

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