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When Is A Child Too Old For A High Chair

June 22, 2020

When your child begins to eat solid foods and can sit alone, around the age of six months, a baby high chair is essential. It offers a safe place to experiment with tastes and textures and allows you to easily supervise your little one’s meals. This childcare furniture is available in a wide variety of styles and prices. Two criteria of choice prevail: a baby chair must be robust and easy to maintain.

Should We Buy The High Chair Before Or After The Baby Is Born?

Very big question! Is it better to buy the high chair before or after the birth of your child? I would say it all depends on you! There are indeed advantages and disadvantages in both cases! What is certain is that you will have to buy one.

If you plan to buy the high chair for your little one while pregnant, you will avoid being rushed afterward. We are not going to lie, if it is your first child, you will have much less time for you once he is born. It is, therefore, better to be a little more provident sometimes.

However, one of the biggest disadvantages is that you will buy all the equipment for your future toddler at once. The budget will, therefore, be much larger. Whereas if you wait until after the birth of your child, you can more easily smooth out this expense.

Choose Childcare Equipment Adapted To Your Child’s Age

There are different types of equipment with several features to use depending on the age of your child. If you do not plan to buy a deckchair, then you can choose a recliner. In this case, the purchase must be made as soon as possible! On the other hand, if this functionality is not necessary, you can wait 8 or 9 months for your child.

This is also the second solution that we have favored. When diversifying Choupinette, we offered her little pots directly in her deckchair. We then waited for it to sit properly before moving up a gear!

You can, therefore, acquire a high chair from the birth of your child. Besides, some of these items are completely usable after 3 years thanks to the removable shelves. So your child can share their meal at the table with you. We will therefore not speak of a maximum age for the use of a high chair but rather of maximum weight.

For our part, Choupinette who is 2 and a half years old uses normal chairs from time to time to eat. However, the height of the latter is too low for it to feed properly. We therefore still use our high chair until Choupinette is large enough to eat on a normal seat. Besides, if you want to stop the high chair but your little one is too small, you can absolutely use a booster that will do just as well!

Types Of High Chairs

High chairs for babies with a metal or plastic structure are fairly simple models, which sometimes have a little padding on the seat. Some have trays. Inexpensive and light, these chairs can sometimes fold, making them easy to move and store. The evolutionary highchairs for babies have all the features of the basic models as well as extras such as well-padded seats, wheels, or a removable tray. These items grow with your child and turn into a booster seat.

Wooden High Chairs

The high chairs for babies’ wooden vintage are aesthetically attractive but may have drawbacks. First, their high weight. On older models, the seat is often too deep and the footrest too low for a baby. Wooden trays are heavier and more difficult to clean than plastic. On the other hand, these pieces of furniture often have fewer corners that trap food. Newer items, if they are not generally foldable, have a design look, and can nevertheless be found in an upgradeable version.

The Options And Selection Criteria

When buying a baby high chair, pay attention to the tray. Ideally, this should be easily detachable and compatible with the dishwasher. Also check that the model you are looking for does not have too many gaps, where crumbs and dirt could accumulate. Review the seat and harness, which should also be easy to clean. Versatility is an advantage of evolutionary chairs because they transform into booster seats when your child grows.

Adjustments And Solidity

The height adjustment of the baby high chair is very practical, as is that of the tray. This allows you to make sure that your child’s stomach is not tight when eating meals. Each setting must be able to be reliably locked and securely held in place. Question strength and stability, the models with a wide base are more difficult to overturn. Give the chair a few shakes to make sure it stays in place and does not tip over easily.


The padded seats are obviously more comfortable for your baby’s bottom. In addition, a footrest is a nice feature for slightly older children. Make sure that the seams at the front of the seat have no sharp edges and will not scratch the back of your little one’s legs. Also, make sure that the bottom of the tray does not have any holes or edges that could injure his fingers. The safety harness must be completed with a strap or a bar at the crotch to prevent your child from standing or sliding.

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