Common Endocrine Disorders

When To Visit A Michigan Endocrinologist: Common Endocrine Disorders

April 8, 2024

Your endocrine system is a complex network of hormones and glands that play a really important role in regulating your bodily functions. These include things like your metabolism, growth of cells, and overall development. Because of this, you are likely to have life-altering endocrine-related disorders when this intricate system is not functioning properly.

As a Michigander, you have the often-unseen privilege of seeing a specialist like an Endocrinologist for diagnosis and management of such conditions whenever and wherever you are. An endocrinologist Michigan mainly deals with evaluating, treating and offering long-term care for all endocrine disorders. In this article, we discuss some of these disorders that necessitate a visit to these specialists.

When You Have Any Disorders With Your Thyroid System

Medical data shows that thyroid disorders are among the most diagnosed endocrine conditions on this side of the United States. Your thyroid gland located in your neck regulates many bodily functions including your metabolism and body temperature.

You are likely to need the services of an Endocrinologist in Michigan if you have symptoms suspected to be caused by a condition called hypothyroidism.  Hypothyroidism presents when you have an underactive thyroid which can be caused by a condition dubbed Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or, in simpler terms, iodine deficiency.

Some of the main symptoms you are likely to experience if you have hypothyroidism include fatigue, cold intolerance, depression, and abnormal fatigue. Should you see an endocrinologist they will do comprehensive thyroid function tests to check if you have this condition and then probably prescribe hormone replacement therapy that will restore your body’s natural balance.

Another closely related condition that will necessitate a visit to your local endocrinologist is what we call hyperthyroidism which is the complete opposite of hypothyroidism. You have this condition if your thyroid is overactive and this can be caused by Grave’s disease or the presence of thyroid modules in your system.

Hyperthyroidism can cause you to have noticeable and rapid weight loss, an irregular heartbeat, anxiety and other equally worrying symptoms often associated with more serious conditions. Should you visit an endocrinologist and be diagnosed you to have hyperthyroidism, they can help you treat and manage it with medications, radioiodine therapy, or surgery to the thyroid if necessary.

When You Are Prediabetic Or Have Diabetes

You may also find the services of an endocrinologist in Michigan useful if you are prediabetic or living with active diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2). Diabetes type 1 is an autoimmune disorder that presents when your body cannot produce enough insulin to support the regulation of body sugar. An endocrinologist is trained to diagnose this condition as well as develop insulin management plans and also help you address complications that arise from it.

Type 2 diabetes is very common in many places in the United States including our very own state of Michigan and our endocrinologists play an important role in diagnosing and managing it. This condition is believed to be caused by many lifestyle factors common with urban Michiganders like physical inactivity and obesity. A well-trained Michigan endocrinologist should be able to diagnose if you have type 2 diabetes after which they can prescribe medication and recommend lifestyle changes to you. They are also responsible for monitoring your condition as you manage the diseases so you don’t develop other conditions like kidney disease and cardiovascular problems.

Endocrinologists also excel in detecting prediabetes in patients. Prediabetes refers to early signs that you are likely to develop either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. If your endocrinologist diagnoses you with prediabetes, they can help you make some important lifestyle changes that will prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

Visit An Endocrinologist If You Have Hormonal Imbalances

You can also get help from an endocrinologist in Michigan if you are dealing with hormonal imbalances. An example of a common and treatable hormonal imbalance is growth hormone disorder which often causes a medical condition called acromegaly or excess growth hormone in laymen’s terms. Sometimes it could also be hormone deficiency.

You are likely to get acromegaly if you happen to have a pituitary gland tumor that causes overproduction of your growth hormone. It’s easy to notice this condition as you will have enlarged facial structures, feet, and hands. An endocrinologist can use various imaging techniques to diagnose acromegaly and treat it with medication, surgery, or therapy.

In Conclusion

Our local endocrinologists are important to our healthcare system as they help people dealing with the wide range of endocrine issues or disorders common locally. Visit one today and get the help you need to thrive and maintain a healthy endocrine system.

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