Fire Extinguisher Inspection Is Crucial For Safety

Why Fire Extinguisher Inspection Is Crucial For Safety

November 20, 2023

Fire extinguishers are essential tools to have for emergencies. However, they are only helpful if they’re proactively inspected and monitored. Ensure the gauge needle points to the green “charged” area during an inspection. Check for a security pin and tamper seal. Check the handle, hose, and nozzle for damage, and ensure the label is readable.

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Fire extinguishers can make a big difference in stopping small fires from growing into major disasters, and having them in place is critical for facility safety. However, they can only be effective if fully charged and working correctly. Regular inspections and maintenance help ensure your fire extinguishers are ready for an emergency. A professional technician will first visually inspect each fire extinguisher to check for physical damage and verify that the pressure gauge is functioning correctly. They will also test the hose and nozzle for leaks and cracks. Even though they may not get much attention, fire extinguishers are crucial for keeping people and property safe. It is a requirement that all businesses must have them on their premises and have them inspected regularly. Failure to do so could result in fines and other legal action. With the help of a trusted fire extinguisher inspection near me, you can be sure that your fire extinguishers are in good condition and will be helpful in an emergency.


Fire extinguishers are our first line of defense in a small fire. We want to ensure they are ready and will work in an emergency. Regular inspections help us achieve that goal. A visual inspection is done monthly to make sure the equipment is accessible, easy to see, and free from damage (like dents or corrosion) and that the pull-pin and tamper seal are intact and still secure. It is also essential to check the pressure gauge to verify it is in the green zone and has a sufficient charge. If the needle points in the red zones, the fire extinguisher will need to be serviced, as it is not ready for use and could cause injury if used. The inspection tag will need to be signed by the inspector and a date recorded. This documented record proves that the equipment has been inspected and is in good condition.


Like any other equipment in a business, fire extinguishers must be inspected regularly. The most important reason is to ensure they meet local and state fire code requirements. Inspecting a fire extinguisher involves checking the handle, hose, pin, tamper seal, and gauge needle. It also includes looking for kinks, cracks, and cylinder security. In addition, a certified professional should verify the tamper seal is intact and that the inspection tag has been placed correctly. During a visual inspection, a fire extinguisher should have the total pressure required for fighting a fire. A depressurized canister cannot discharge the agent, which means it would be ineffective during an emergency. It is also essential to check the label for legibility, as an illegible one could be mishandled and put people at risk. The inspection should be recorded so it can be retrieved during an emergency.


Fire extinguishers are heavy equipment that needs to be kept in good condition. When a fire breaks out, the last thing you want is to use an empty or out-of-date extinguisher that won’t work as intended. Luckily, a quick way to check whether your fire extinguisher is still suitable is by reviewing its inspection tag. A licensed professional will visit your property and inspect each extinguisher by visually checking for rust or damage, ensuring the pin is in place, and so on. They’ll also check the pressure gauge, ensuring it points to green—fully charged and ready for use. If the needle points to red, it’s time to refill the extinguisher or replace it entirely. It can save you a lot of money in the long run. It may even help you avoid a substantial financial loss in case of a disaster.

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