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Elizabeth Lail: Everything You Need To Know

April 6, 2020

Elizabeth Lail is breathtaking and talk of the town in the recently released Netflix tv-series, You. The actress is becoming a much bigger star since the series hit the streaming platform Netflix where more than 40 million people watched the show. The psychological thriller has dominated social media, enjoying the praising across the globe.

Elizabeth Dean Lail was born on March 25 of 1992, in Williamson Country, Texas, USA. Not many celebrities attend the college and even fewer graduate. But just after graduating from high school, Laila started studying acting at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and graduated in 2014.

In college times, she worked on several numbers of student film productions like Without and Model Airplane. After graduation, she decided to shift to New York for some auditions. Over there, she got the chance to play the character Frozen’s Princess Anna in the fourth season of ABS’s Once Upon a Time.

The actress gained popularity by doing the ten episodes of the series of best streaming platforms and created a corner in the hearts of the audience.

After fairy tale series, Once Upon a Time, she portrayed a character named Amy Hughes in the Freeform tv-series, the dead of summer. The single-season of series tells the story of a summer camp set in the 1980s where counselors starred and witnessed several deaths.

In 2017, Elizabeth Lail got the character of Natalie Luca in one of Season 12’s The Black episodes. The story of the chapter revolves around a killer who causes fatal illness in their victims. In the same year, the artist was selected to live the character of Guinevere Beck in You, released by Lifetime in 2018 on Netflix.

The series, based on the book of Caroline Kepnes, tells the story of Joe, manager of a bookstore who develops an obsessive love for beautiful Beck. The series of 2 seasons contain ten episodes each season.

Being a new talent, the artist has always proved herself by playing significant and impressive roles. From playing the character of a princess to an impeccable action character Joe. Indeed, Elizabeth Lail is the new face of Hollywood to keep an eye on.

Some Interesting Facts About Elizabeth Lail

  • Fans who want to know the star sign of their favorite celebrity, Lail, is an Aries. Aries are known for being very fiery and confident people. They believe in becoming a leader rather than a follower.
  • She was not always a Blonde! It is difficult to imagine Lail without her blonde hair, but her old Instagram pictures state that she once had auburn hair. She indeed dyed her hair for the character Beck; maybe she loved the color and kept it.
  • Lail was nominated for the Saturn Award for her performance of Beck in the first season of You. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the same. But to nab a place in nomination is also huge.
  • According to an interview, she was about to get the role of Supergirl on the hit CW series, Supergirl. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the final rounds.

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