Fix Corrupted Pdf Files On A Mac

How To Fix Corrupted Pdf Files On A Mac

January 16, 2024

Following the rate at which data corruption is becoming a headache for many Adobe users, it is obvious that PDF files will remain vulnerable to malware dysfunctions. Since the launch of Adobe Reader in 1990, a lot of users have complained about the lack of a solution to this problem, and it is only a matter of time before it decides the fate of our profiles.

We have observed that it isn’t an easy thing to escape. Hence, we’ll be offering the ultimate solution! Adobe PDF Repair Tool online is extending the hand of friendship and is willing to take responsibility for such problems. Aside from this version for operating systems (like macOS, iOS, and Android), there is also a  PDF Damage Recovery Tool available for only PC on Windows. So, depending on your device, you can either use the online software or simply use the offline alternative.

In this recent time, the issue of PDF damage shouldn’t be a big deal. Even though Adobe doesn’t seem to proffer practical solutions to technical glitches as Microsoft does, recovering your corrupted PDF files has now been made easy with just a few clicks. You don’t have to spend your precious time on the Adobe Help & Support page only to discover a dead end like this:

Corrupted PDF File Online

How To Repair A Corrupted PDF File Online.

With Recovery Toolbox for PDF, the online method requires you to upload the damaged file to the cloud server, fix the problem, and download the repaired file. This method also answers the question of how to fix corrupted PDF files on a Mac. Below are the practical steps to follow:

1. Visit on any device’s browser.

2. Choose the damaged PDF document

3. Enter your preferred e-mail address, which will let you access the notification that will accompany the recovery outcome (in case of any network interruption).

recovering pdf files

4. Click on Next Step.

5. Upload the damaged file to the server, after which the PDF recovery tool will process the details (even though it has an invalid format), and every recovered information will be saved to a new file. Although, this online method doesn’t fix corrupt PDF files. It only creates a duplicate of the file while extracting the document’s details. This is mostly in cases where the PDF format is invalid.

Upload the damaged file

6. For issues related to file opening, Preview the restored data; you’ll be shown the exact information that’s been recovered and saved. Or, if you wish, you can view a screenshot gallery of the inaccessible file.

Click the Next step

7. Click the Next step to complete payment for the services: The Adobe PDF repair tool online only costs as low as 10 USD/1GB.

8. Next, you’ll have the option to Download the repaired file and launch it in either Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader of your choice.

How To Fix Corrupt PDF Files Offline – Using Recovery Toolbox For PDF

You’ll find the offline solution for repairing damaged PDF documents, but it is only available for Windows processors. However, this method comes with a juicy bonus offer. To embark on the repair process, carefully follow the steps and illustrations below:

1. Download the software – Recovery Toolbox for PDF

Recovery Toolbox for PDF

2. Install and launch the package on your PC

3. On the first page of the package, select the exact file that needs to be fixed.

Recovery Toolbox

4. Click Next to begin the process of analyzing why the file is inaccessible in Adobe Acrobat.

5. Select the exact version of the PDF file, then save the Adobe document alongside the recovered data.

saving pdf file

6. Enable the compression option if you want to compress data in the recovered file.

7. Give the recovered file a name.

8. Then, complete the process by saving the recovered file to a new document.

BONUS: How To Access A Corrupt PDF File For Free

Recovery Toolbox for PDF grants you full access to your damaged PDFs of Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader and also exposes the entire data or information of the recovered piece. In addition to that, you’ll also gain the ability to export the repaired file from an open PDF file to a new  *.pdf extension file. All these can be opened on Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader or other PDF launchers.

What Can Possibly Be The Cause Of PDF Corruption?

Possibly Be The Cause Of PDF Corruption

It’s difficult to tell the major cause of this challenge, but here are a few possible reasons:

  • Error synchronizing data on Adobe cloud folder locally – An error can occur when you incorrectly sync PDF files between a computer, tablet, or phone and the Adobe cloud server. This could be due to connection failures, time setting failures, or incorrect checksum verification.
  • Accessing the same file with different Software – For every software, you use to open your PDF file, there are always a few adjustments made to blend with the user interface. So, once you start using different applications to access the same file, you will likely encounter an error due to significant software changes.
  • Hard Disk issues – The use of faulty hard drives can heavily corrupt your files. Even a minimal crash can significantly cost you your lifetime data.
  • Auto-save mode – Auto-save is meant to protect our files in case of power failure, system crash, or even sudden termination of the file. But, in times when the auto-save mode is malfunctioning, the files can be corrupted.
  • Unstable power supply and internet connection – Once there’s a break in power or internet connection, you’re most likely to lose your document.
  • Inconsistent page orientation – To access a PDF file, you need to be consistent with the page orientation. For instance, if you’ve once opened a file in landscape mode, it’s best to stay consistent with that. Subsequently, mixing the page orientation with portrait mode may destroy that file.
  • Encoding from e-mail servers – Sometimes, the email service providers would encrypt huge files like PDFs, but they are never decoded to recipients. To prevent such failures, it’s best to send such large files as zipped files.


Recovery Toolbox for PDF has just checked all the boxes for being the best PDF damage recovery tool. A few of these points include:

  • Compatibility with all operating systems – perfect on different hardware, including phones and tablets.
  • Zero file limitations – has full support for handling PDFs of all versions and sizes.
  • Recovers PDF files in full support
  • Ability to repair logical issues caused by bugs in other PDF generation tools
  • Saves recovered data to a new, well-formatted, and compacted PDF document.
  • Offers the option to either compress recovered PDF files or non-compression.
  • Full-fixing compatibility with major Windows versions: Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Serves as PDF viewer tool
  • Exposes and fixes .pdf extension files from Adobe Acrobat
  • And it offers the ultimate solution for Adobe PDF repair tool online – with minimum requirements!

For over 20 years now, Recovery Toolbox has been rendering offline and online data solutions to end-users in many enterprises. With a record of over 100,000 satisfied customers, it has proven to be the world’s most reliable data-care company!

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