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The Top 5 Family Dog Breeds – An Overview

March 26, 2024

If it is finally the right time to introduce a puppy to the family home and the kids are excited, the first thing to do is start research dog breeds with family suitability, and with that in mind, here is our top 5 list of family dog breeds.

1. Golden Retriever

The perfect family pet, the Golden Retriever is gentle, placid by nature and fiercely protective of his pack. This medium-sized dog was originally bred in Scotland for its hunting prowess and has since stolen the hearts of many Australians who have them as family pets. For the best treats, check out the tasty kangaroo bones for dogs at Pet Shop Boyz, where you can find a wide range of healthy dog food options, with tasty treats too!

2. Collie

A long-haired medium-size breed that is both playful and protective; easy to train and very smart, you might fall in love with one of a litter and the deal is done! They do need a lot of exercise, which is ideal if you live in a rural area. Low-maintenance and extremely loyal, you have a faithful friend for life when you bring a Collie into your home.

3. Beagle

Small in stature and brave in heart, the Beagle was bred for fox hunting and has become a firm favourite here in Australia; a short coat helps keep them cool. Young males can be stubborn, you may need a firm hand to train a Beagle puppy, but he will always protect the kids, no matter what.

4. Irish Setter

Ideal if you live in the country, this breed is active and easy to train, making for the ideal family pet. Setters are generally good with other dogs and are great with children; for more information on this breed, Google can take you to a site that looks at the breed in terms of family suitability.

5. Newfoundland

A huge long-haired breed that is sweet and gentle with kids and other dogs; his food bill is going to be considerable, and that’s part and parcel of large breed ownership. Intelligent and eager to please, many Australian farmers keep Newfoundland dogs for these very reasons.

Whatever you choose, we hope you take a look at your local dog rescue facility before locating a breeder, there are many dogs waiting for a forever home.

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